Saturday, June 23, 2018

Please Note Again

By Anna Von Reitz

I Do NOT "recommend" establishing TDA Accounts UNLESS you actually are a Federal United States Citizen (federal civil or military employee) or dependent (receiving free gratis welfare that you did not in fact pay for from the Federales).

TDA's are not any kind of Magic Bullet. They have, apparently, been utilized in some cases (so far) to ameliorate debts owed by federal citizens. If you are not a federal citizen--- employee or actual dependent -- stay out of their system.

The difference is the difference between the relief you get in bankruptcy from debts you ran up irresponsibly, and the relief you get in probate when your property and assets are returned to you free and clear following a hearing to determine your status.

If you actually want to buy Federal bonds, such as Savings Bonds, Treasury Bonds, etc., and have logical need for such an account on a continuing basis, that is what those accounts were primarily designed for.

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  1. It's thair I'll be gotten gains and they got the gun's to defend it. Even though they stold our name our country our credit.

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  3. To all the thinkers:
    take this thought and shoot holes in it for me, please. I think this is the ultimate turn the tables. I am still thinking it through, but I believe this is where we can grab the administrators by the....and squeeze them till they hurt. here we go, one statement written for the record:
    "This is a notice to the court, as it is true, all living souls have dominion on the land with inherent and unalienable rights, I am the living soul with said dominion beneficiary of all service of the court to protect and defend all my inherent, unalienable rights and with honor accept such SERVICE and accept the judge as CHIEF administer of my trust and as administer of said public SERVICE to me." Then fall silent! My thoughts: the scam is they are contracted with us to serve (BE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS), to serve, protect and defend our inherent, unalienable rights. That's the contract right? Ok, I'll play. You want to be in contract with me to serve me, cool! Then I need the most powerful servant, under the contract to serve me as administrator! why not the judge? I mean, didn't they pledge by oath to take on that position (what a joke) OF SERVANT? Doesn't every police office, have a placard 'TO PROTECT AND DEFEND' on the wall? Isn't that on all the police vehicles? Protect and defend what? Ok then, why am I fighting with them? Why don't I just accept their subservient position and take the seat of authority to their service. I mean come on, that's the true position they want. I mean they even have on the black robes and police uniforms, showing they are the administrator of the service, to protect and defend my inherent, unalienable rights. OK, then! Thinkers, put on your thinking hats and shoot this down, please. Because I'm really thinking it will work, because it ties them up with their own scam!I'm thinking, ok you want to protect and defend me, cool, I accept the fullest ability that you have to protect me and be a SERVANT TO ME!I CLAIM THE HEAD HONCHO ADMINISTRATOR HAS MY CHIEF SERVANT!Maybe all the attorney generals need to get some notices.

    1. Still thinking out loud: what if we all just forget all the legal wrangling and take the birth certificate they wanted us to have and instead of all the TDA stuff, just accepted their the service they guarantee by the birth certificate. They issued that birth certificate to a living soul, as a sign of service as trustee/administrators. OK THEN! Maybe I should just attach a nice little notice to the front of it, "I accept this b/c as evidence of the pledge of all administrators of the b/c to serve, protect and defend all my inherent, unalienable rights." then put that into the county records and send them a certified copy, saying I recorded our contract for us, here's your copy. I'm thinking, by doing that to the courts, we just turned them back into courts of records, in our cases. I mean we simply accept their offer, to serve us and what greater document to do it with, than with the birth certificate as the living soul? They want to contract, ok, I think I will give them the ultimate contract the one to accept their service to protect me the living soul who has dominion on the land!

  4. So opening & establishing are two different things. Here from AVR's letter we're to send w our Authenticated & endorsed BC's to Mnuchin. This does get confusing w the simplest of terms:

    Dear Mr. Mnuchin,

    It is my instruction to operate exclusively under 100% commercial liabilities and without benefit of any limited liability or other benefit of the Public Charitable Trust (PCT).

    I instruct Mr. Mnuchin to open a Treasury Direct Account with the number ________________ and to please inform me when it is open for business.

    Settle all debts and charges related to _________ (All caps FIRST MID LAST) and deposit the remainder and all other credits owed into the new Treasury Direct Account.

    Thank you for your time and attention,

  5. Replies
    1. Anna is saying, the use of TDA is not for B/C its for financial instruments. See this TDA thing is getting a lot of people legal trouble. That is why she has provided a bond number, in one of her writings. What she said to do is given the B/C to the treasury dept and make them administrators of it and then use the bond her group established. The issue is: the people want to be free but continue to want to make use of the federal accounts, the ones they control. You can't!

    2. ps. we can not sit on the bench and play in the game at the same time. We have to choose one or the other.

  6. There is a difference between a TDA on the private side via Mnuchin, and a TDA on the public side which Anna is referring to here.

    1. I agree with Anna, stay out of their system.


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