Friday, May 18, 2018

Meet the Raj

By Anna Von Reitz

Mahatma Gandhi faced off the brutal Raj in India and now, we meet them here. 

Make no mistake, most of the world is facing the same Raj today.  We simply didn't know who they were or how they were operating, but now that we do, it is apparent that the same British Commercial Feudalism that kept India strangled for the better part of a hundred years has done the same here and throughout much of the rest of the world, too. 

These are people so brutal and cheap that they would keep poor farmers from harvesting salt from the sea -- salt that they needed to live in India's hot climate, salt that they needed to preserve their food, salt that God gave them for free --- but for which the British Raj charged top dollar and defended their evil practice with guns. 

The same British Raj opened fire on unarmed men, women and children at Amritsar with machine guns and rifles, killing hundreds in a few minutes of sustained fire----and exposing the evil of the British Government to the entire world, including the folks at home.

We--- the Americans, Canadians, Aussies, Germans, Japanese, South Africans -- need to show the same resolve as the Indian People and expose the modern British Raj for what they still are: brutal commercial mercenaries who have no part in a decent world. 

Once you realize that you are dealing with commercial mercenaries on the land and pirates on the sea, posing as members of "your" legitimate government, you are empowered to deal with the real circumstance and threat that this represents. 

It isn't the Russians or the Chinese threatening us.  The Russians have been our friends, even as they have been shaking their heads at our stupidity.  The Chinese just want to be paid and able to live decent peaceful lives.  The real danger here has arisen from within, as the result of usurpation, fraud, deceit and gross Breach of Trust and Commercial Contract by the British-controlled Territorial United States. 

That is the sad and sorry truth that we must face.  Britain's Government has betrayed its own people in the same way that it has betrayed its Allies.  It has consciously sown the seeds of war in the Middle East and has adopted evil foreign policies seeking to promote the same kinds of "endless" endemic conflict throughout the world by forced importation of Islamic people who have been forced from their ancestral 

homes by the same brutal, insane British foreign policies employed in the Middle East three generations ago.  

Why?  Because they profit from war.  

They gain advantage from dividing people into groups and labeling them.  

Apparently, they are neither very creative nor very industrious, and this is the only way they can imagine of making a living on their small pieces of rock--- to cause endless war and profit from it. 

Britain is the problem.  It has always been the problem.  It will always be the problem until we all wake up and realize who the real "Enemy" is and has always been.  I do not suggest that the British people are evil, but I know that their government well and truly is. 

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  1. I remember thinking, after seeing the movie Ghandi in the theatre (4 hours long), Ghandi was a stick that God picked up and chastised these evil imperialists.
    If you've never heard the song "Birthright" by Yes, look it up online and listen to it. Very moving , powerful song . Tells of when the British were testing their first nuclear bomb. They tested it in Australia, and didn't bother to remove the Aborigines who were in the area.If I remember correctly it was known after as the day of the silver cloud. Some were supposed to have been "fused" to stone walls.

    Here are the lyrics :
    A new born land
    Dreaming by the sky
    The scent of colors
    In the flowers

    Believe it's small
    In many ways
    It holds the key
    That divides the super powers

    This road is never lonely
    To England they are tied
    They were blasted by the silver cloud
    There were blasted to the wall alive

    This place, this place ain't big enough for stars and stripes

    Counting out the statesmen
    Bungling one by one
    Spelling out this segregation

    So the catchword be
    Looking after number one
    They release the fear inside
    Are human after all

    So begins our dream time
    They hunted like the dinosaur
    We the pure
    They the savage innocent
    How we crush our existence after all
    Come on

    For without them
    We are lonely
    This England we are blind
    Like all the empires crumble
    Will surely change the tide

    This place ain't big enough for red and white
    This place ain't big enough for stars and stripes

    This place, this place
    This place is theirs, by their birthright
    This place

    The sun gives better reasons
    United we are blind
    To deliver our existence
    Keep it up
    Keep it up
    This human tide, give it some

    We can break the ties
    Of recent changes
    Know the ones who
    Hold the key
    Singing out the congregation
    We are them and they are we

    This place ain't big enough for red and white
    This place ain't big enough for stars and stripes
    This place
    This place
    This place is theirs by their birthright

  2. The British people are holding up signs saying help us to Trump..!! They have waken up to..!! And even though Megan Markel and Prince Harry are in love right now, Megan is to liberal to keep her so called place for long..!! I suspect another tunnel accident soon or just a sudden heart attack...!!! She was such a good woman, wanting equality for all...!! Yada, yada, yada..!!


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