Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Few Update Comments

By Anna Von Reitz

1.  I was just informed that none of the Talkshoe links to the DailyPaul 2012 article about Rod Class's Administrative Rulings work.  

Then, I was informed by other parties that Talkshoe "lost" all those episodes and that patriots who recorded them at the time are scrambling to put together a new website where these recordings can be accessed again.  They will let me know the details and I will let you know the details. 

This just underscores the point that I am trying to drive home --- save and record and get hard copies of everything, because there is an organized effort to obscure information.  The people we are dealing with are liars with a long, long history of book burning, record falsification, semantic deceit, and obscuring information that is not complimentary to their position. 

Those of us who have been doing this any length of time take it for granted when they "move the cheese" and records are altered, reordered, re-published, redacted, deleted, "no longer available".  This is nothing new.  This is nothing different.  This is the way it is and the way it has been the entire time I have been working this problem.  

So, all you Newbies just getting started--- be aware.  You will need to copy and buy old dictionaries and haunt legal bookshops and do all sorts of things to secure your information. Once you have it, try to get it into a form where you can share it --- scan it, make and distribute digital copies, make sure that it isn't going to "disappear" again. 

2. There is a push on to try to obscure the importance of Rod Class's results by distracting attention.  This is a very common technique used by Bar Attorneys. 

Think of a parent distracting the attention of a toddler by waving some bright object with one hand, and then swooping in and grabbing whatever the child was looking at before with the other hand.  It's a deliberate technique used to break the chain of attention and redirect attention to some other issue or point, often completely bogus (the bright colored object need not be important-- just bright colored). 

In this case, the attorneys are trying to draw attention to the fact that Rod's lawsuits were dismissed --- as if that invalidated the action.  The dismissal is in fact the important result.   A result in a law suit can be "positive" or "negative" and in this case, it is the negative result -- the lack of a result -- that is important.

The Judge had to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.  He lacked jurisdiction because none of what appeared to be "government" departments and agencies were public entities.  All the entities named in Rod's complaints turned out to be private contractors, so the Judge had to dismiss. They were not under his administrative control. 

That is the important result. And the Bar Attorneys are trying to distract the ignorant from the importance of that result. Just like tricking a baby. 

These Red Herring arguments are common as dirt and we all have to be aware and ready to see past them.  In fact, you need to train yourself to not only recognize these mental sleights of hand, but automatically expect them and immediately look harder at whatever they are trying to distract away from.  It is a clear indicator that you have hit a nerve and are on to something important. 

Your adversaries won't be expecting you to be so "sophisticated" -- they will be expecting you to be like a Toddler --- easily fooled and distracted.  They won't think that they are tipping their hand by engaging in such common tricks, but until more people wake up, their arrogance gives the rest of us a significant advantage. When they try to lead the discussion off track --- look hard and quick. 

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  1. I found Rod Class and Daily Paul in the "Wayback Machine" - . Also I found Talkshoe episodes and downloaded five, you just have to go 15 or 20 pages back to find the episode numbers that are referenced.

  2. Has any one tried to contact Rod Class directly, is he still active? Perhaps he can help with the process, or recovery, from his end, if he has available archives to share. Perhaps he could send some updates to it all, if he has them to send.

  3. When this battle is over with, I hope to hell that attorneys are never allowed to rule our justice system ever again....Kick them completely out like Andrew Jackson did....all of them..!! After that there can only be counselors like the constitution allowed for, even for fictions...!! No attorneys, and no money up front for it...!! Anyone in law is going to be paid the going rate for working like everyone else....minimun wage..!!

    1. "Man has the right to any action, nature holds the right to balance it"

  4. If these are public court cases, then they should be on the record at the court and on Pacer.

    1. Parallel case construction is a State Secret. Tell no one.

  5. Here's a video, check out the links in the comments below the video.

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