Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Follow Up on Marshals Services and Piracy

By Anna Von Reitz

Please be aware that the current "US Marshals Service" is being run by Interpol on a contractual basis and that both Steven T. Mnuchin and Jeff Sessions are Interpol Officers.  They take their instructions out of Berne, Switzerland.  They are still under obligation to obey our laws and fulfill our contracts, or they are subject to arrest and prosecution. 

This places them in an odd No Man's Land.  To become Interpol Officers, they forswear and give up their citizenship, so that they no longer can be considered either Americans (gave up or were swindled out of their birthright and then confirmed it by going to work and staying employed by the Territorial United States) or as "US Citizens".  

Much of the crime that goes on in the international jurisdictions policed by the US Marshals and Continental Marshals is in the nature of piracy--- what happens in many of these courts is a form of "inland piracy".   They dry-dock their foreign "vessels" on our land, and open a foreign court and shanghai unwary Americans into their jurisdiction via improper solicitations and falsified public records.  

Remember these two Maxims of Law pertaining to piracy, which my friend BB reminded me of this morning: 

A piratis et latronibus capta dominium non mutant. 
Things captured by pirates or robbers do not change their ownership.

A piratis aut latronibus capti liberi permanent. 
Those captured by pirates or robbers remain free.
If you have lost homes, or automobiles, businesses or children, your good name or your time as a result of actions undertaken by pirates masquerading as judges, you are owed their return and restitution.
All these things remain yours no matter what these criminals allege, what force they employ, or what excuses they make.

This entire country has suffered inland piracy and unlawful conversion, but all that it has ever possessed is still lawfully ours and the pirates are still what they are.

Since 2013 they have operated without any veil of protection--- no privateer's licenses, no valid salvage tickets (Bar Cards)--- so we are totally free and within our internationally acknowledged rights to go after them and they are without the protection of any state or nation, lawless, and outlawed. 

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  1. We need jails...lots of them. And some gallows.Let the pirates hang !

    1. Hear, hear! And, we have the jails, state penns, etc., and all the prepared FEMA camps, with which we just do a switcheroo on them, and supplant innocent, non-violent offenders with these bad-actor criminals until their sentences are carried out in the extreme.

  2. So you think we should pay for their upkeep for awhile, only to allow them the freedom to continue as they were ? These leopards do not change their spots., as our Father knows!

  3. How can I get my home back after all these years with another family having lived in oit sice, making their own memories? I preder another hoime and the judge/s involved and their cohorts arrested, asset stripped and sent to prison. 50 years sounds about right. Then I can enjoy my new property feeling much better on how that came to be.

  4. The whole system need to shutdown, they cause a lot of stress for everyone trying to stay above water to survive... young people barely living .. how much is enough?

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