Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What will the next big bubble be? What should you own?

What should you invest in? Do you have a priority list? What tops your list?

Here is my priority list.

1. Get your spiritual life in order, and be at peace with God. This is always number one.

Things to own.

2. Food.  Long term food storage items.

3. Water purification and a good source of water.

4. Communications equipment and knowledge.

5. Guns and Ammo, and other survival equipment.

6. Fuel, Gas, diesel, propane etc.

7. Medical supplies and knowledge.

8. Engineering. Power and Water systems and equipment.

9. General prep like dry goods. Stock up on everything you normally use every week.

10. All of that said, if you have these things covered, and still have "money" in a bank somewhere, then you have your whole life's work hanging out on a limb. You need to get that wealth OUT OF THE CORPORATE BANKS.

Buying silver and gold becomes a priority at that point.  We can help.   Call me at 800 889 2839

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  1. And,the best place to buy the right kind of gold in secure, transaction friendly weights is through me, here:

    email me at if you have questions. You can also watch our most recent webinar via Facebook on the @GetPaidIn24kAU page there, via the search box.

    1. That is a matter of opinion Bill. There are many good places to buy gold and silver. There are even places you can earn silver besides Karatbars. But they depend on your ability to promote on the Internet mostly. Most people don't have that ability or talent.

  2. Soon as I can more silver is in he plans. I had 10 one ounce coins and used em all up. Cashed out about three but most were people I owed who wanted the coins. One guy called asking if I could send him somemore when I mailed him a payment hoping he would take the silver coins as that was all I had. Definitely a lot better than paper.

  3. One major problem with this list is that if you have to relocate because of a hurricane, flood, tornado, plague, etc. you won't or can't take all of this stuff with you. I know because I did all of this and all I have left to show for stockpiling stuff is what I can carry in my truck as the place I was living is was hit by a hurricane, twice and everything I had there is practically ruined. So bottom line, you can't take any of this stuff with you when you kick the bucket or in an emergency situation. This stuff only works when everything is on a level keel, meaning that you have the opportunity to use all of this and are not forced to leave most of it behind.

  4. You are right in saying we should prep for a mobile application, but my question is why didn't you do that, or move to somewhere that hurricanes are not a factor? We are here in a place where forest fires happen, but we don't live in a house in the woods like a lot of the people. Yes we have some smoke, but not a lot of fire danger. I hope you live in a place now that is not as dangerous. Common sense is necessary, and we live and learn. God have mercy on us all.


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