Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Power of the Jury -- The Beginning of the End

By Anna Von Reitz

People have asked me to comment on the Bundy related trial in Nevada and the jury's refusal to convict.  

If everyone properly understood jurisdiction and their own country's history, they would know that the ongoing trial is in itself invalid and farce-like and that "US citizens" have no right to address these men or apply their "state of state" statutes to them in the first place. 

When this all began the Bundys, if properly prepared, could have turned to the would-be Prosecutors and asked half a dozen questions, then walked away---- leaving their detractors and accusers to bite their own tongues.  Or, as I observed to one who accosted me, "You know, you shouldn't even be talking to me. I haven't given you permission." 

They are foreign to us.  

Hello?  Repeat --- they are FOREIGN to us. 

 Even though they speak the same language and may have been born in Little Rock, Arkansas, they are in a different foreign jurisdiction.  They don't play by the same rules or follow the same law.  So the next question is, why are we being accosted by them?  

Because we are so dumbed down and ignorant that we don't even know who we are, don't know our political status, don't know enough to claim our birthright, don't bother to copyright our own names---so, of course, we also don't know that we belong to a different jurisdiction, are owed different courts, different juries, and different forms of law, either. 

Bah, and humbug.... anyway, since we don't know our own butts from a hole in the ground, we get stuck being hauled into their courts and tried by juries who don't know anything more, different, or better than we do---- which in this case may account for why these cases were acquitted. 

The juries are just as indoctrinated and ignorant as we are, so they continue to believe that US Citizens have constitutional guarantees and that rules of fair-play and justice apply in the courts and that common sense should rule the day.  

For example, if this man didn't hurt anybody or destroy any property--- where's the crime he committed?  

If he came to the aid of his neighbor against armed thugs who had no right to enter private property--- where is the crime?  

You see, the jury members still think they are living in America, so they continue to act on the same assumptions as the people in the defendant's chair---much to the consternation of federal prosecutors everywhere.  

This appears to be a case of jury nullification, where the jurors tried the statutory law and found it wanting, instead of the defendants.  What else could it be, considering that the victims were not allowed to make any kind of defense and were railroaded throughout on the false presumption of 14th Amendment "citizenship"? 

The facts in their favor, the misbehavior and bullying and threats of the federal agents, the wrong-headed presumptions of ownership interest by the federal corporations, the mismanagement of public lands in the western states by the BLM, the conspiracy of "county of county" sheriffs and federal agencies, all that and more wasn't allowed to be heard in the Defendant's favor.  

So what is left?  

The Jurors looked at the charges and realized they were Bushwah.  

They realized that these were honest farmers and ranchers who hadn't done anything wrong according to American Law.  

So they tossed out the suppositions and demands of the foreign statutory law on its ear.  

Bully for them!  

They might have done it in total ignorance, but hey, they did it. 

So it doesn't matter if they were serving as jurors in a foreign court and under the false presumption that they were all US citizens.  They did the right thing. They upheld the standards of American justice.  And that is what counts. 

If every juror and every jury in America did the same, it would not take very long at all for a quiet revolution to take place, as those jurors would one-by-one reject and require the replacement of the statutory laws in the same way that our land jurisdiction jurors can nullify any legislated law.  

The jury is the law in America, and as long as we have jurors who have a clear sense of logic and justice and who can reason and weigh facts, the jury, however miscast and misdirected and misrepresented, remains our safeguard against tyranny and madness imposed by legislative acts. . . . 

And judges like Gloria Navarro. 

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  1. I believe they have black lists for jurors. This is whynone of my family has ever been picked for duty.

  2. Paul, as always, thanks for your hard work maintaining this archive of Anna's posts (as well as others here). A minor note: if you haven't already corrected it, the version of this post on the site (which, of course, you also maintain) has this post numbered as #701 when it should be #702. (You must have been tired. (;-))

  3. Yep the said crime was nothing more than an offence the goverbankers were offended and that seems to be a crime. if so we are all offended by the goverbanks private rules, lockem up for offending the crime of hurting our feelings. BAHHHH

    1. it is more than that, pay close attention to what anna just said. the bigger problem is that we have privately contracted with them unknowingly/knowingly without full disclosure and continue to mis-understand/re-contract realizing all of the repercussions above as per anna's retorts.

      cause and effect, its not as arbitrary as you may think.

      man, kow thyself in true proportion.

    2. Almost right, Jim, But it was Former Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid who was offended by an upstart rancher who stood him down in the first place.

  4. Yahooooooooo!!!!! Thank goodness for the jurors. Ann and Paul I to am fighting in a court against the cooperative I live in who is committing Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Racketeering. Long story short the complex said that my committee was evicted for bogus reasons and that we do not have the right to our day in court. I was the only one who defended herself after the complex pulled out our attorney from under us on a Conflict of Interest. After I won my complex decided they were unhappy with the verdict (judges decision) and appealed to the State Court. We are going to that hearing in September. Among the bogus charges they are making they are saying that they evicted us, that we don't have our right to our day in court and our right to defend ourselves. This case is president setting Anna and Paul. I actually am moving out because we bought a home and need to find a way to pay my rent here so that I can continue this battle in court.

    One of my attorneys wrote such a good brief that this matter may be pulled up to the Federal Court system because it is president setting. I cannot pay rent in both places and if I move out they win and the president is set against the next cooperate membership who tries to defend themselves.

    As always thank goodness for the Jury here we have all been so worried about the Bundy's and what is going on. WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!

    Do you know anyway to find someone who is willing to donate my rent for a few months while I fight this process. I am a disabled senior who can not pay rent in both places. If anyone has any ideas please contact me at

    Thank You

    1. you should should not be in that deep. the point anna is trying to make is that why are we creating controversies in their administrative courts? you do not belong there if you know who you are. read FRCP 12(b) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 over and over and over and over until you got it down, with coinciding state annotated codes within your state.

  5. Someday soon small communities will band together elect constitutional sheriff that will be highest law of his land. Like sheriff Richard Mack. Won the right to enforce only the constitution . Statutes take a back seat .next step is common law.

  6. How long do i need to harp about this seemily mysterious document that everyone has raised to the level of the bible....its not, nor will it ever be. That document is the single most understood and intenstionally confusing nonesense ever created to confuse everyone about their rights and authorities. Some people 200 years ago decided to hold a special hearing in the congress assembled to create a "THING" called the Constitution for the united states of America. Or was the for and of reversed. Or was it for the UNITED STATES. No, maybe it was called just the constitution. Or was it the Constitution. No actually i think it was called the CONSTITUTION by the congress assembled.. or was it the "CONGRESS ASSEMBLED". Not one person at that time even knew what it stood for, let alone today. I forgot, what were the first 10 amendments called. I asked a jury that question and only got blank looks from people in there 20's to people in there 80's. But hey, we love quoteing that document, or is it a contract. Maybe its a Treaty or TREATY. I forgot many amendments were there. Am I going to get paid to learn anything about this document. How is it gking to benifit me personally. Is there a loophole that will allow me to steal legally without being arrested. Count me in if it does. But if it doesnt, its not worth the paper its printed on. My fellow congressman i think we have settled on something that will insure that attorneys like us will have job security for life......loud applause from congress(or is it CONGRESS). Thats it senator, your getting the idea....!!! And with our special dictionary(Blacks law), the Gyoim will be fighting over it for the next 200 years , never realizing that its just words on paper and nothing else. It gives no powers, it only states rights that people will never have, and just to make sure this all goes according to plan, lets give Washington DC, something called ....lets see....oh, i got it.. "delagations of authority"...sounds official doesnt it...loud applause from congress..!!! Ladies and Gentleman of this congress assembled, let us give thanks to God , praying and singing praises to him for creating such stupid and trusting beings that havent the faintest clue that they are perfectly ok with being slaves to us as long as we dont call them that. Lets just call them "citizens"....another loud applause from the congress. This time bring the house down...!!! I am going to make it the rrst of my lifes ambition dedicated to destroying or completely nullifing this thing called a "Constitution"(or is it CONSTITUTION). Damn i have to get started immediately. Whos with me.!!!!

    1. Good questions and questioning of this thing that common folk refer to as "The Constitution". In response I offer: "Free Yourself From All Semantic Deceptions of Government!":

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The Constitution was basically the 1783 Treaty of Peace codified for the States consumption, the Treaty of Peace was negotiated by 3 representatives of all the 13 States and all 3 were Esquires, and it
      was a mutiny of the Articles of Confederation basically transferring sovereignty from the states to the "People" whatever ever in the hell that actually means ??? and anyone reading this that believes they are them well ignorance is truly bliss! The Constitution was a reorganization of management of the States and first order of business was setting up districts and collecting taxes for revenue to support the new franchise.

      This is a quote from a Rothchild letter dated around 1861:
      "The Constitution of the United States is such that a good lawyer can easily find the pro and the con in it. The South claims that it has the right to secede. At New Orleans the foreigner who listens to the arguments will be persuaded by them. The North affirms that the Union of the states is an unassailable principle;if you return to New York you will find that it also is perfectly right."

      Something I just realized is from the 13th and 14th onward they had to emphasize that these articles were meaningless until " Congress shall have power to enforced this article through appropriate legislation", meaning those articles themselves have zero force until future legislation is passed.
      You would assume the article itself is ALL the force needed to give authority for the enforcement of the article.

    4. Adams, Franklin, and Jay were esquires?

    5. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, among others were against the Constitution, (same reason I am), they did not sign it because why? And why are you ranting? You can't use it anyway because you didn't sign it. Given the right document like the one I have removes jurisdiction for one of the many stingers it has, not to mention NO ONE can claim 'Foreign Sovereign Immunity' to me and I can sue anyone. (Filing a claim is better though). That's that, second 3 secured party creditors are as powerful as a jury, 4 with the brass are a quorum. That's that, and the name Bundy. Hmmm. Apparently, you';ve no clue who they are, or rather, the same club as, well, ....

    6. Uh. Wow, I went and read it again. I didn't notice, Esqr is right in the thing.

  7. What is happening is we are being shown all the evils of this world so that when wrath is poured down on this ball of dirt from heaven, there will be no question as to why.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. How do you avoid codes and statutes and enjoy the benefit of govt. There must be benefit without slavery or why have govt?

  10. There is lots of instruction on warding off evil govt but nothing on using them for a good cause. How does one call in the county sheriff to defend private property without giving away liberty? They push you toward mans laws

  11. Now we are getting somewhere...!! Show me anything written up by men...contracts, constitutions, treaties, or anything else that werent breached everytime....they are words on a piece of paper, which people with bad intent will always sign, knowing full well they never had any intension of honoring it...!! There is no govt. , including jural assembles that will ever work anymore. The law and agreements have to be broken down into small associations of people in a community.....citys and towns are way to big to control . It has to be broken down to people living in just one block who can all agree on certain conditions of living in that block. The next block can make its own rules. That way every individual in that block knows exactly what they agreed to and easy for any9ne living there that someone broke the agreement and either complies to their neibhors wishes or "evicted", and losing all property and assets if it gets that far. Condo associations know everything about their neighbors within the complex, way better than city hall. So if everyone on the block agrees that dogs and cats are not allowed, then the first person that violates that rule because he thinks he has rights, then the entire community or block of people can simply get together and force compliance or take the house and kick out the residence, with no recourse to the residence for recovery. People will learn quick .....comply to your agreement or move to a different street that allows you what you want to have if its that important to you. And all those agreements have to be listed with the sherriffs dept, who also has to sign it , forceing him into compliance. That will keep govt. from ever getting big this time. Small groups of people who can simply run as its own govt, having absoluty no control over any other block or community. Than for bigger questions of law that affects everyone in a town or city, one person from each community have to meet and vote on things like the roads and schools within a certain town or city, but not as a majority vote. Either its unnanamous or it doesnt pass. No more mob rule. One person from one small community who will not agree to the majority will stall the implementation of any city made rule, until that one community is addressed and solved or it simply will not pass. That one community has to be pleased somehow even if they have to get rid of the 3 things that one community will not go along with....thats how govt. should have worked all along. When its broken down that far, everyone will understand law and never loose tract of underhanded transactions of greedy men/women choosen to represent their smsll community. And Federal and State govt. can no longer exsist...washing DC needs to be turned into a history museum of a failed form of govt. that was filled with nothing but evil people with only their own best interest at heart, never once caring about "the people" , and creating such a complicated system of law, that they were litterly getting away with "Theft" on a mass scale, with no one the wiser. A failed attempt to something they called "Democracy"(mob rule).


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