Tuesday, July 25, 2017


"The road to failure is the path of least persistence." - Lao-Tzu
Once again there are a bunch of yayhoos propagating a new and wonderful (NOT) idea to the sheeple ARE YOU READY FOR THIS: That we can get access to our BC Estate from using Paypal.
Now I’ve heard it all.
Every so often somebody who has little or no knowledge comes along with some new stupid idea, but what really amazes me is how fast people will rush to follow without checking out any facts at all.  It seems all one needs to do is wave the idea of accessing ones account and the idea of getting rich overnight and people lose their minds.

Along with it all common sense goes right out the window and it amazes me that the loyal followers will attack you if you say anything against their new “deliverer.” I find this hilarious because those attacking know absolutely nothing about trust law, status and standing, nor could they tell me anything they’d done which might lend credit to the fact that they had the authority to access the accounts.
For those of you who have been in the movement for over 10 years you probably heard about the OID debacle.  Many went to prison over it and no doubt many will go to prison if they try to use Paypal as is being suggested by the group I’m referencing in this newsletter.
First of all, anyone with any sense knows YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET YOUR REMEDY THROUGH PAYPAL!  Ok?!  JEEZ!
I posed a scenario to the people on this website:  Let’s assume I’m right.  What are you going to do when a police officer comes to the door with a warrant for the arrest of the NAME?
The response:  Crickets!
So many people want to run out and try the newest idea forgetting that there could be serious consequences for doing these things.  But will they listen?  Usually not until it is too late.
This is why I emphasize my “bassackwards” approach, which is to first learn how to handle ANY situation that could ever come up, e.g. an indictment, arrest, in processing in jail, etc. etc.  Then if you want to take INTELLIGENT, calculated risks in trying something out and go playing around with new ideas, you do so knowing that you can handle any problems that may arise.
This is exactly what I train my students to do and quite a few have done so successfully as you can see on the link to my testimonial page.
Want to learn more?   Visit my website at  http://weexitthematrix.wordpress.com/ Also, click on the link below to download a snippet from one of my classes to better understand the training I offer.  You can do so by clicking here:  https://weexitthematrix.wordpress.com/classes/
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  1. Just on a side note, does anybody study anything else here besides law and corruption.

    The reason I ask, is you can get so caught up in constant legal battles, you forget to see what else is going on thats affecting the entire world.
    I'm talking about the 4 destroyed nuclear power plants in Dihishi Fukushima, Japan.

    Do you guys even know how bad it is.
    Japan is dumping over 300 tons of radioactive waste daily into the Pacific Ocean. Radiation levels have reached 650 seiverts. Only 5 seiverts can kill you in days.

    If someone on this site doesn't know what's happening in Fukushima, I highly recommend you go to YouTube and listen to some of the channels.
    If something isn't done about containing this disaster, we won't have to worry about anything anymore because we'll all be dead by 2023.

  2. Yes, i am. And your right, they are keeping a tight lid on it, especially the fake media. What i find absoluty reprehensable is that japan supposedly won the contract to host the next Olympics. WTF!!! A country that knows full well that that plant and japan itself is probably completely contaminated, insist on sposoring the olyimpics...Good way to get rid of millions of people. We need to nuke japan again. That one plant is contaminating the entire planet.


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