Thursday, April 13, 2017

Exactly Why the Trump Administration Needs to Cooperate

By Anna Von Reitz

Frankly, everyone hates the United States. A lot of people claim to hate "America" but what they are talking about is always the United States, instead. This is a misunderstanding that needs to be cleared up.
"America" and the "United States" are two completely different things.

They are foreign with respect to each other and always have been. America is the fifty republican states of the Union: Oregon, Idaho, Florida.... The United States/UNITED STATES is fifty-seven "States of States"--- corporate franchises of foreign Territorial and Municipal corporations: State of Idaho and STATE OF IDAHO, for instance.

It's the United States/UNITED STATES that has raped and burned and pillaged and polluted and rampaged all over the Earth. The clueless Americans have been duped into believing these foreign corporations were their own dear lawful government.

Now that they know that the thing is Washington, DC, is just a "government for hire" operation, and they perceive that they have been duped and used and abused and cheated and plundered and imposed upon by the same corporations that have been doing it to the rest of the world, the Americans have cause to hate the United States, too.

With the Americans on one side and the outraged rest of the world on the other, what's the United States to do?

The perps have tried to move their base of operations to China, but that isn't working out so well for them. Nobody who wants to gain weight eats a tapeworm.

These so-called "Federal Corporations" still have a lot of power, but it is all power they either stole or borrowed or defrauded from the American states and people that they have claimed to represent and serve. Without the Americans backing them, they dwindle down to nothing but wind. Even Puerto Rico won't try to find the best part of them.

This, politically, and a hopelessly corrupt government bookkeeping system, is what President Donald J. Trump is faced with.

Anyone looking to him to help them drain their local swamps will be sadly disappointed. Instead, he needs our help to drain his swamp in Washington, DC.

And that is why he needs to cooperate fully with the restoration of the American land jurisdiction states and expedite the return of Americans to their native political status and encourage the restoration of the American Common Law courts and accept the use of our asset-backed monetary system--- because without our help and support, the so-called Federal Government doesn't have a prayer.

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  1. As long as Jared Kushner is in that white house, nothing of the such will ever happen. Too bad for the Americans.

    1. Fear you are right ,foot in the door and kin!
      Good side the masses who elected trump are now wide awake and watching looking for answers.

    2. Keep On The Info great Stuff & How To Help?

  2. How Much Time, Does Trump Have On The Rape Accusation Of The 12 yr Old.There Are Working Very Hard, To Get Him Out Of Office, That He Will Be Asked To Resign In April or May? What Then, Keep Me Informed On This Pls.

  3. While grabbing a coffee at a military base espresso refreshment place, the girl quite obviously foreign accent, northern Europe thanked me for my service. I said since recently a lot of learning had manifested within me I actually felt I should be ashamed of my service. Amazing, knowing I spoke from my heart she clued me in that most Europeans hate the United States and view it as an imperialist nation, pushy and disrespectful of others. As well it is will known in sailing communities around the world to keep quiet about being from the US and many fly a very small Canadian flag to hide the fact. The good thing about traveling is that 99 percent of just people were really friendly and respectful making it appear that diabolical government centers are at the root of most of the worlds troubles.

  4. Boy they are really trolling everyone heavy. I guess Media Matters is paying good these days.

  5. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Trump seems different....almost defeated in a sense. If i didnt know any better, i swear he was either shown something, maybe aliens or something else, or under some sort of mind minipulation. He is looking sad , almost helpless. And his son in laws building in New York is simply called ...666. And now he is Trumps top advisor, who is in direct conflict with his main advisor who kept telling him not to engage with Syria, its a false flag. It looks like Revelations is going to happen with or without Trump. I told him on his blog that there is a whole community out here that understands what your up against and that we are willing to help you if you just ask for it...!!! There is no swamp...its an ocean of deceite. No one man is capable of dealing with it. Unless hes Moses.


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