Sunday, November 13, 2016

It’s snowing in America

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I haven’t commented on the recent election because it is my belief that whoever wins, the establishment wins. On one side we have a career criminal who wanted oh so badly to wield the power of government to mold the world to her liking and on the other a man who obviously believes government can make America great again. He won. Trouble is, he’s wrong. But at least he’s not a criminal. The best thing government can do is to get out of the way.
But the reaction from the left is unprecedented. Who are these people? Burning trees in Portland? Really? Is this supposed to sway people to their side?  Are these people serious?
Rioting, writing scathing rebukes to Trump supporters, beating people up, demanding the electoral college vote for HRC, wearing safety pins????????? WTF! Have I wandered into a taping of the new iteration of Romper Room? What’s next? Mass cry ins? Throwing the strained green beans to the floor (now that I understand)? Kicking the dog? Jeeeeesh.
These people put their faith in a system that is fundamentally flawed, Democracy (A Republic is what it was supposed to be, somewhat better but still flawed), played the game and now they are PISSED because they didn’t win. Boo hoo. And they accuse Trump supporters of being intolerant. Where’s Rod Serling?  Is he standing in the corner? Is there a hidden camera somewhere? Some one PLEASE tell me this is all made for television. It’s all just reality TV, don’t take it seriously. Only it’s not. These people are serious, seriously!
These snowflakes have been told by our highly dysfunctional education system that they are some how special! That all it takes to be special is to show up. That words, if shouted loudly enough, can actually change the outcome of an election! That throwing a temper tantrum is all it takes to make people change their mind.
We, as a nation, have descended into a state of pre-adolescence where puppy dogs and purple dinosaurs are brought in by university staff to bring aid and comfort to the bruised cupcakes that litter college campuses. How on earth did this happen in such a short time? I’m still scratching my head. Who’s responsible for this madness? Perhaps coddling parents who thought they were protecting their spawn from the riggers of the world by putting them in a protective bubble? Parents who did not understand that to make a tree strong it must be exposed to the wind and the rain and the snow and the heat of summer. And how about all those teachers who mistakenly believed that boys must be tamed like domestic animals because their masculinity frightens them? That equality means that everyone must be lowered to the same level of mediocrity? Holy crap! These people are living in a terrarium where everything is provided for them and the weather is never foul.
We have become weak and pouty and pissy. And now that these special darlings have been deprived of their criminal-who-would-be-queen they are falling from the heights of their own arrogance. The snowflakes are falling on to the streets of America and making a mess for the rest of us to clean up.


  1. Someone once quoted a historical figure as saying Govenments and diapers need to be changed from time to time and for the same reason.Since a lot of these Darlings have been provided Obama phones... when will the new diapers arrive?

  2. His absolute WORST Mistake was NDAA, and "Authorizing" "Law Enforcement" to make Unconstitutional Seizures, and Punish people like Daniel, [and yours truly] for helping other people to get well enough to be productive again! ALL The Harmed, and Unlawfully stole from, should and MUST be compensated for our losses!


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