Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reply to Karen Hudes --- Again, Date Stamped August 10, 2016

by Anna Von Reitz

In her latest fanciful story, Karen Hudes has me as the mastermind behind hacking her computer and "trying to steal the global collateral accounts".

I am sure that all those who have helped me solve computer problems over the years are having a really, really good laugh.

And anyone who knows the actual situation is having a good bellow, too. 

What's that, Karen?  I am trying to steal the global collateral accounts back from the people who stole them from the rest of us in the first place?  Wahoo?

So I suppose that might be true, in a twisted way. 

Part of the gold in those accounts--- all the gold confiscated from innocent Americans during the regime of Franklin Delano Roosevelt--- rightfully belongs to us, Karen. Not the "Secondary Creditors" ---- who are your banker bosses who claimed it as "Abandoned property" via the simple deceit of never telling the heirs of the Priority Creditors.

That would be us, Karen.

Let's see.....if you died and someone was holding a bunch of gold in trust for you, Karen, would it be necessary and logical for the Trustee to notify your husband, children, and next of kin?

Well, yes, it would be their duty to do that, wouldn't it? 

And if they failed to do that and instead allowed Secondary Creditors to seize those assets, those Trustees would be in Breach of Trust wouldn't they?  And the Secondary Creditors--- the Federal Reserve, IBRD, and World Bank in this case--- would be guilty of self-interested collusion, because they didn't raise their hands and insist that the Priority Creditors be notified, either.  They just took the gold and ran.

And later set up a "drop box" --- "global collateral accounts" when things got hot, for them to deposit the ill-gotten gains and wash their filthy hands.  Just like pawn shop owners caught with stolen goods dumping those goods in a dumpster and hoping nobody noticed.

We did notice, Karen.  A LOT of people have noticed.  And your bosses are on the hook for it.  Give the assets back to the people they belong to.

Maybe if you pay proper interest for the "loan" of our assets we will settle for that and not press charges. 
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  1. Karen says the gold is buried in the Philippines ya right in in a vault hell fort know was raided just exchanged junk dollars for real and it way any gold left unattended .

  2. Karen Hudes has me as the mastermind behind hacking her computer and "trying to steal the global collateral accounts".
    I don't believe it Anna.. just a saying. I thought Karen was on our side. Man what is Karen doing? :-( My late Mother told me about those accounts right after they killed Kennedy.

  3. It's sooo much deeper than what most of us know, but truth is on the horizon.


  4. If the woman is falsely accusing you of something unlawful, tell her to provide evidence or shut up and if the accusations continue, threaten a slander suit.


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