Monday, July 11, 2016

Trust No-Thing by Anna Von Reitz

Okay, kids, I have been quiet the last several weeks---- at least, relatively so. 

Some people (Jed Zimmerman, yes, THANK YOU! Got it!) have even wondered if I am all right I have been so quiet....but there's a reason.  

I have been researching. And what I have to share is awesome and awful at the same time. 

Everyone has been running around saying, "You have to have a trust.... you have to form a private trust...."'

That is exactly what you must NOT do.  

For starters, every State corporation in the Union has statutes that allow it to seize upon and steal private trusts---- in the Alaska statute is: AS 45.77.020, 

There are similar codes in the several other "States"---- these things are set up with malice aforethought to seize upon and steal any private trust. 

They cannot steal competing public trusts, because that would be an act of war and corporations cannot engage in actual war.  

It turns out that you already have a public trust owned and operated by your state on the land--- it is known as your Trade Name, written in Upper and Lower Case:  Samuel William Adams. 

And it turns out that they can't seize upon it, especially if you object. 

So if you were stuck having to designate a trust or otherwise encumbered, you can just use your Upper and Lower Case Trade Name----- but all this gives rise to the question?  Why use trusts as a vehicle at all?  You are letting them define your options.....

It turns out that they use trusts as a mechanism to pillage property, not protect it.  The actual Latin root word, "trucido" means to "kill cruelly, butcher, slaughter....."  So why would you ever want to use a "trust" or put your "trust" in a "trustee" at all?  

The vehicle that they have designed for the conveyance of your assets is called an "International Organization"---- please read the International Organizations Act with new eyes. We are the foreign grantors.  We are the non-resident aliens.
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