Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rumor that U.S. and NATO to Attack Russia

From Anna Von Reitz

Let nobody be fooled again. 

The ONLY reason the U.S. and NATO would attack Russia would be that Putin wanted them to do so. And it would be a puny, ineffectual attack in the nature of another False Flag to give Putin and/or NATO an excuse to invade us under the guise of "peacekeeping". 

The Russians have developed some new scalar / gravitational weapons that they think give them superiority. In fact we have all the same weapons and more widely deployed but Obummer is preventing us from using them because he is a Communist and has always been a Communist and the Joint Chiefs are working for European banking interests that want to come in here and seize everything.  Putin wants Alaska and seaports on our West Coast.  So does China.

They have been staging for invasion for three years now using Free Trade Zones in the U.S. 

But as always they have to come up with a story line..... Big Bad NATO attacked Russia at Russia's behest, so that Russia has an excuse to invade us and split the pie with all the other usual culprits. 

Just more excuses and LIES. 

Don't believe a word of it.

And if any such thing does happen I am counting on enough Americans will have the brains they were born with and take out Obummer, DC, Rome, and the Inner City of London and the United Nations City State as recompense.
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  1. Just as a matter of fact, right now NATO troops are right on Russia's borders which Pres Putin has raised objections to but to no avail. Also in recent years Russia has returned to its Christian roots and the president is a practising Orthodox Christian. I cannot judge and nor can anyone else if his Christianity is just for show or in fact genuine so I must take the view that he is in fact a Christian. He has also said he will not attack any country and nor has he done so. In the UK where I am based the news we get is that NATO has been agitating and poking at Russia and we see the pictures of the NATO troops rolling through Europe. I respectfully suggest that it will be no fix if they do attack Russia as the western money people are determined to get their pipeline through Syria and the president of Russia is assistig Syrian President Assad and they don't like it. In my opinion you are wrong on this one, if NATO does attack Russia it will not be at the Russian President's invitation but rather to cover up for the fact that the bankers have lost control of the game and want to hide behind war when the world economy implodes. If you look into the last two wars (for starters) they were both fomented by the bankers and their puppets. Russia is trying to avert confrontation but will defend herself if it comes to it, though sadly, I doubt there will be any winners just a lot of death and destruction.


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