Friday, July 1, 2016

Question for David Crayford and An Answer

by Anna Von Reitz

An article recently appeared on Rumor Mill News by David Crayford demanding to know 'what the Hell America is up to now' and detailing the printing of three trillion USD in Thailand, backed by gold in a Swiss Bank. 

In the first place, David, if you are up to speed enough to write an article like this, why are you referring to this as an "American" problem???

Obviously, these cretins are not representing America nor are they representing American interests. Far from it.  They are counterfeiting United States currency (which is not American) in an effort to further devalue the "United States Dollar".  

Our American "dollar" is a unit measure of fine silver, like a cup of water or a ton of lead.  Not a piece of paper backed by the "good faith of a bunch of crooks" and their banker bosses at the Federal Reserve and IMF.     

You aren't talking about the American Dollar here, so why are you blaming "America" and addressing the American people as if we were doing this clandestine printing of three trillion USD?  

We are the chief victims, not the perpetrators! 

You are talking about a paper currency issued by a government that is FOREIGN with respect to Americans --- a government that is operating in a fraudulent and destructive manner. 

This situation has everything to do with the obligation that many world governments and international banking cartels have to end this deceit and madness and the obligation of the Joint Chiefs and US Armed Forces to put an end to this fraud and counterfeiting and nothing whatsoever to do with America, the American People, nor affecting our lawful money. 

The sooner everyone realizes that, the better. 


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  1. So when can we expect to see the new bank you are working on begin operation? Things like this underline the need for such a thing more than ever.



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