Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Slavery --- Unanswered Letters 3 -- Reply for Emily

by Anna Von Reitz

How, one wonders, is it possible that these people sitting in Congress and in "State Legislatures" like the one operating in TENNESSEE --can propose to decriminalize crimes like racketeering and murder against "persons"---?
How, I might reply, is it possible for all of us to live our lives as slaves when both slavery and involuntary servitude have been outlawed since 1926?
The answer is simple, though unnerving.

There is no Public Law against enslaving a corporation. Or murdering a corporation. Or racketeering against a corporation.
So they have contrived a means of "redefining" you as a corporation--- a "person"--- and claimed your assets as "personal assets"-- all belonging to a corporate franchise named after you and "pledged" by them as chattel backing their own corporate debts.
FDR got away with it, so they think that they can, too.
It is well past time that we all stood up and put an end to this criminality and a boot up the butts of those practicing it. Ms. LeGrande and the UN Corporation and the General Secretary of the UN all need to get a message they won't forget.
We are people, not persons. Correct your records accordingly.
Or else.
Neither we nor any "person" associated with us is a "citizen of the United States" defined as "territories and District of Columbia" and we never have been.
Any presumption otherwise is pure, obvious, self-interested personage.

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  1. Anna is my heroine! So happy she has done all the work to keep us informed. Thank you too Paul.


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