Monday, May 2, 2016

Regarding Dunford as POTUS ---- Unanswered Letters 6 --- Reply for Richard

by Anna Von Reitz

Regarding rumors of General Dunford acting as POTUS:

I see absolutely NO evidence that any of this has happened. Just rumors that may be fueled by wishful thinking or disinformation spread to keep people at a standstill waiting for someone or something else to save them. 

This last possibility and the desirability of it in certain quarters has more to do with manipulating the cost of precious metals than anything else. Less than .05% of the American populace owns any gold and only about 1% own any silver. 

With the entire world heading toward a precious metals currency system the Americans remain in a stupor.  The IMF has declared "war" against our estate assets and just as an after thought, that means that we as the "presumed" co-trustees (together with the insolvent and inoperable UNITED STATES) will be targeted for "legalized" murder, extortion, racketeering, etc. 

They intend to let loose their mercenary armies -- the "agencies" hidden in plain view---FEMA, FBI, BLM, etc., which have been provided with billions of rounds of ammo and body bags and extermination centers known as FEMA camps on the unsuspecting American People and anyone, including me, who resists will be the first to be murdered. 

That is the reality, Richard. 

Feeding people fairy tales and placing your hope in General Dunford and the rest of the Joint Chiefs is pitifully naive. The entire history of the past 150 years could not have happened without the complicity of the Top Brass of the U.S. Military and that of NATO. 

They consider themselves employees of these rats, dependent on them for a paycheck and career benefits and advancements.  

Are they going to do their job and protect the American People or are they going to answer the Food Bell as they have for the past 150 years? 

I have dutifully written to the Joint Chiefs and the UN Secretary General and the U.S. Secretary of State and I have published this correspondence widely in hopes of alerting SOME of those who haven't "caught the drift" yet and who might be able to help prevent or soften the Blood Bath as these unpardonable criminals prepare to kill their creditors. 

I have also done it to make their crime visible to the world and keep them from having any "plausible deniability".  None of them including the man who used to be my family lawyer will be able to stand there and shrug and say, "Nobody told me." 

I told you and them. I have made every official and satrap from Dunford and Kerry on down responsible for their acts.  And while that may not prevent these vampires and zombies from attacking the people they owe money to,  it will leave a clear accusation against these vile murderers and thieves pressed firmly into the public record and known by millions of people worldwide. 

That is the reality, Richard. 

I have no hope in General Dunford, nor any of the rest of the junta.  They have lived as parasites and have carried out these heinous acts in other countries.  There is no reason to think they won't do it here, especially in plain view of all their numerous preparations for "the Divestiture"--- by which they mean the murder and pillaging of their unsuspecting American Creditors and the criminal seizure of American assets.

So long as people cling to their Normalcy Bias and listen to fairy tales, these ruthless international criminals will continue to do whatever they please--- and let me point out that Ms. LaGarde has already tipped her hand and so has the "legislature" of the "state" of TENNESSEE". 
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  1. Sad and so true. But the Christian also has hope, and prayer on his/her side too.


    1. Blessed be the LORD my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle...PSALM 144:1

      This will be an ugly situation indeed but we will not submit to tyranny for God himself instructs us to not comply with unjust rulers.


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