Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mr. Jacob Rothschild ---- Let Me Ask You.....

by Anna Von Reitz

Mr. Jacob Rothschild, Let Me Ask You-----
If a group of French conmen stole your identity, stole your credit cards and racked them through the roof, and left you to pay for it-----would you turn around and give the same group of criminals your new credit cards and let them start all over again?
That is what we would be doing if we agreed to be represented in any way shape or form by the new governmental services corporation organized "for" us by the Government of France, which is falsely advertising itself as the "New Republic".
Which is another issue--- false advertising. You do realize that your new front company has nothing whatsoever to do with our American Republic? But you are willfully seeking to again confuse your "republic" with our "republic" the same way you have sought to confuse your "united states" with our "united states"?
Well, it may be a "new republic" all right, but it is certainly not our American Republic, which we are owed restored and in our own control, thank you, very much, Jacob Rothschild.
We have already informed you in person and via your agents in England that we have made other arrangements and that any services provided by any of your new governmental services corporations are purely speculative on your part and acceptance of any services on our parts does not in any way imply agreement or contract or any valid claim for your corporations to be Successors to Contract.
We have explained that this is "for cause" based on the bad performance and worse service we have received from Rothschild banks and service companies in the past.
The "New Republic" is actually a bid to continue the old "UNITED STATES" which is now insolvent. We didn't like that version. It did nothing but criminally misrepresent us and cause trouble and injustice here and around the world. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
And now, Mr. Rothschild (because you own both the governmental services corporations posing as the "governments" of England and France), could you please explain what you propose to do about the repayment of the American gold to the people it was stolen from by the World Bank and IBRD?
And what about the LARGE outstanding debt the insolvent UNITED STATES owes us?
You don't pretend that those two wars in Iraq and Kuwait and countless incursions and "police actions" in other places actually had anything to do with defending a square centimeter of American soil, do you?
You may have heard the news that we have paid off every "note" and particle of debt alleged to be owed by us or any other American this morning.
So now the shoe is on your foot, Mr. Rothschild, and we suggest that you stop your efforts to defraud and abuse and mislead and misinform the American people for profit.
If it is not already abundantly obvious from the words on this page, the Americans are not deceived any longer. 
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  1. Good post BUT...I've heard nothing where we have paid off every "note" and particle of debt alleged to be owed by us or any other American THIS MORNING. Details please. That would mean that all political prisoners, of which there are many, would be off the hook right?


    1. Here is what the deal is:
      "We authorized the Trustees to pay off all and any debts we owe including any debts owed by the "United States" defined as "the territories and District of Columbia" --and because our actual credit is infinite and all our debts are prepaid, they are obliged to do their jobs and settle the accounts back to zero." (This is from Anna's article: )

  2. Dear Anna,
    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn about you or your country. I have the right to do what I have done under the much more ancient Babylonian Talmud which states that I, as a member of my religion may defraud others who are not, just as I choose. I have done so. Mazel tov.
    Jacob Rothschild ml

  3. Jacob, are you trying to say "I did it because a book told me I could"? How Pathetic! That sounds like the maturity level of a 5 year old! I guess that's how they grow psychopaths over there...after all, when people believe they are above the law, they have no limits established, in which you never reach maturity, and the morality that it brings.

    I do not care who you worship, how many horns it has or whatever, until you infringed on my right to exist on this planet and in my country. I take attempted murder of me, the living woman, pretty seriously. I take your thievery seriously, barratry, fraud, on and on and on.

    If you think you will hide behind The Talmud and religion, in your upcoming trial, I wish you luck with that. In the meantime, recognize We The People are not done with you or your family yet. I predict you, nor any member of your line, will have a home, vehicle (a word that should have a special meaning for you), yacht, or bunker with which to hang your hat.

    I think it's time you learn how to be common..take the bus, live in a stack in pack like you expected us to do. Live and thrive on nothing...I think you should be given a 500 SQ FT apartment, under the security/surveillance that you all expected us to live under and I think you should be given food stamps and welfare and should have to pay your high rent, pay for your "monitoring" your camera could broadcast to the world, so we can listen, If we choose, to your every burp and fart. Pay your high electric bill, and ALL if the fees for your fake notes...along with taxes...I think for 1 year, you should be forced to live and DOCUMENT it for your posterity.

    If I had my way, there is not ONE illegitimate or legitimate person of the Rothschild line that would be permitted to breathe prison air in this country. Nor have one share, in any corporation, 1 millimeter of land, or ever set foot here again. If I had my way, you would be hung on worldwide television, on the White House Front Lawn! Maybe that's too generous for a suspected pedophile..maybe you need to be skinned alive, and burned?

    I don't give a rats ass what you do or do not care about. The jig is up. You have lost. Despite your efforts to keep us dumb, stupid and and your Sister Elizabeth (the queen) are going down. And rest assured, we are not done with any of you...

    Word of advice: America still has her guns. Make sure you remember that on your next your ilk likes to say...We Love God, our Bibles and our Guns...and your rat bastard Muslim plant did not get them, and NEVER will.

    OH, and for Aaron Russo, and the rest you have murdered. . KMA!

    Dude, this was restrained, and if you think otherwise, you don't get out much.


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