Friday, May 27, 2016

Judge in International Capacity, Justice at Home --- Unanswered Letters 18 -- for Patriot Jenn

by Anna Von Reitz

The Alaska State Superior Court is the "undelegated" side of the Alaska State Court, which the people are owed under The Alaska Statehood Compact----otherwise, the Compact would be both illegal and unlawful.  The two sides of the court can be invoked separately and in fact have to be invoked separately.  

To better understand this remember that the actual Constitution delegated only nineteen strictly enumerated functions to the "Federal Government"---all in the international jurisdiction of the sea.  Article X reserved all other undelegated rights, duties, functions and prerogatives in all jurisdictions including the jurisdiction of the sea, either to the states (meaning the states on the land) or the people of the land.  

Thus the states on the land and the people retain the exercise of all undelegated powers owed to them in international jurisdiction as well as plenary control of their national (land) jurisdiction.  The actual state court acting under the Organic and Public Law is charged to fill serve that "undelegated" international jurisdiction as well as the actual state (national) jurisdiction requirements. 

Thus I have duties as a Judge in international jurisdiction and duties as a Justice of the Peace as you have described. 

In the international jurisdiction it is my duty (and sometimes pleasure) to stomp on trespasses and usurpations against the sovereignty of the actual states and people made by foreign governments, including the foreign Federal United States Government and its franchises.  In the national (state) jurisdiction it is my honor to serve as a Justice of the Peace for those who wish to live under the American Common Law as American State Nationals. 

In the international jurisdiction under Article X, therefore, I act as a Judge and operate under international law in behalf of the nation-state of Alaska. As most of the misunderstandings and conflicts we currently face are in this foreign jurisdiction this is where I spend the majority of time and this is most often the office I occupy.  And that is why you see orders by me signed as a "Judge". 

I very much hope that in days to come you will see me listening to the vows of happy young people planning a life and family together and recording their marriage on the public records of the land of their birth. You may be sure that I would be signing those records as a Justice of the Peace.
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  1. And in furtherance to what Anna says...the United States Courts, being merely for profit corporations, have no jurisdiction over anything at all except maybe other corporations under it's dominion.


  2. Thank you Judge Anna! This clarifies a lot! It was a debate in the group in in.

  3. What is the minimum reqiurement for a Judge / Justice of the peace ?


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