Thursday, May 5, 2016

Idiocy Abounds - Global Currency Reset? Ya - right.

by Anna Von Reitz

I am amazed but not amused to receive all these joyous rumor-mill announcements about the "Global Reset" and how we shall all soon be "millionaires" and how America is going to "lead the way" into this new era of "abundance and prosperity".  

Are all those sending these messages around the globe completely mad?  Dumbed down to the extent that they cannot easily calculate the effect of giving everyone "millions of dollars" all at once? 

Any such fiat digital  "money" masquerading as a "US Dollar" will be rendered useless overnight.  

As it was in Weimar Germany, it will be here.  It will cost a million such "dollars" for a loaf of bread. 

And you think this is something to celebrate? 

Did your Mothers all drop you on your heads? 

The long-planned and announced "devaluation" of the so-called "dollar" and the end of the fiat money system is right on schedule. It will be brought about by hyperinflation created when the banks flood every bank account with millions of meaningless digits. 

And what does it cost these banks to place digits in accounts?   A few key strokes?  And you think that this is meaningful?  You think it is anything but another act of venal, destructive, self-interested fraud? 

Wake to hell up out of your greedy dreams and hear the birds singing. 

(1) Any such "dollars" will be worthless. 
(2) Anyone using them will be complicit in the fraud. 
(3) This will be the "excuse" the perpetrators of the fraud will use to hunt you down and steal your property. 

Call them on it now before they even start the gimmick and get yourselves out of their "Dodge".  
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  1. Aloha From Hawaii Judge Anna:

    Your take on the GCR seems sound.

    However, I know many fine folks and solid citizens/companies invested in
    and believing for a few currencies to revalue substantially, and potentially
    soon....the Iraqi Dinar, the VN Dong, and another one.

    Some say that such RV is connected to a "GCR', some don't; what say you
    on that RV score?
    God Bless you for all your annointed wisdome and publishing of the Truth.


    1. All those 'fine' folks are going to get taken to the cleaners. They're dupes, that's what they are.

      You are a dupe also. And please take your religious 'shalom' bullshit somewhere else. It has made you the dupe that you are.

  2. I still like the idea of commercial liens on "all of them" for fraud. Isn't that what judge Anna's book is about?

    Liens redistribute the current money supply without increasing and blowing the currency sky high. No one gains by blowing the currency sky high.

    How about a simple usable form based system, easy to understand and simple to implement, so everyone can easily participate, on a massive scale, descended upon the corrupt Tory court system and all its corrupt corporations and BAR cronies?

    Is there anyone qualified to design such a system to produce such an effect?

  3. Keith comment is a prime example of why we need the statues and codes unfortunately.. to control the unrestrained at the stop light. But then you have the agents of the elite for such a purpose as to create chaos.. because of him and the likes we need the cop in the street because instead of a kind word to admonish all he is violent and unrestrained.

  4. I know a few people who invested in the Iraqi Dinar. Based on the recovery and windfall profits of the "Kuwaiti Dinar speculation / investments", way back in the early 90s, WE all thought it was a gamble we could not afford to miss.... I had an inkling already that the PIGS of the universe were slopping in the generous donations of gullible people and that we were simply making a donation to criminal deceivers, often refereed to as "Ponzi Scammers". ASS it turns out this has been as big an eye opener as ANY college studies I've completed over the most recent 46 yeas of my Adult Life. I can see clearly now that we have been enslaved people "all of our miserable lives" as Anna likes to refer to it. I know of one Scammer who is doing a year behind bars for his part in this Multi billion dollar scam in Currency Speculation. On the other hand, How many of our criminals in GOVERNMENT have done even a day in jail for defrauding the world of hundreds of Trillions of dollars earned by the sweat and blood of the unsuspecting tax payer. Through the efforts of people like Paul Stramer, and Anna Von Reitz and friends, we are all BEGINNING to see a little more clearly now. One last thought, Please beware of the criminals in the United States Government Inc., and their accomplices in the New World Order..., IMF, the UN, Treasuries,Corporations, etc. etc. etc. Very soon they might just spring the most un-Godly trap in the history of mankind. "God Willing, and the Creek Don't Rise", we might just be able to HANDLE THESE ONE-%ers.

  5. Isn't it true that the global reset will just be a re-valuation of existing currency (to 0)? What comes after depends on what's true. Are there global accts that can back a currency with gold or not? If so, and they were put to that use,wouldn't those currencies be solid? I know what Anna says about gold/schmold and she's right, but as long as people believe gold has intrinsic worth, doesn't it? People used to believe in the US "dollar" and it had worth until the overprinting with QE showed it was failing. Now no one wants it. If the value of the US economy is nearing 0, then how will that do to back a block chain currency either, as Anna has suggested? I'm not getting this, apparently.

  6. We are advised to "Call them on it now before they even start the gimmick and get yourselves out of their "Dodge"." Who is "them"? The local bank..., the IMF...who? I don't want any of this stuff as "payment" for what I have lost.



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