Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Calling Out John Daresh and the NLA --- Round 4

by Anna Von Reitz

I am an American State National (Article IV, Section 2). I am also an Alaskan owed the contractual provisions of The Alaska Statehood Compact, which guarantees the Equal Footing Doctrine. As such, I am lawfully exercising the Alaska State Session Laws (not the private corporate Session Laws of the State of Alaska) and the Alaska State Common Law Court System established therein. 
As you are aware (if  you have been keeping up with the information we've made available) there are indeed two populaces established from the beginning of this country— and there still are. Likewise there are established two court systems owed to the people— one an admiralty court system operating in the jurisdiction of the sea, the other an American Common Law court system operating on the jurisdiction of the land. There was additionally established an administrative court system under Article I to oversee the functioning and internal squabbling within the federal corporation itself.
 For people unaware of these facts (see Kyle Rearden, John Daresh, and their associates above) the common and ignorant assumption is that we should all be Bar Members and should be listed as judges or justices working for the “STATE OF ALASKA” or “STATE OF COLORADO” court systems, when in fact by Amendment of the people’s Constitution, we cannot be Bar Members and have nothing to do with the admiralty court system at all. The only lynch pin that is supposed to be connecting both the Common Law Court System owed to the people and the Admiralty Court System owed to the corporations is the Citizens Common Law Grand Jury which is enabled to hand down indictments to the Admiralty Courts and presentments to the American Common Law Courts. Mr. Daresh and his pals have been attempting to operate Common Law Grand Juries as US Citizens, which can only result in the creation of Martial Common Law Grand Juries operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea—- which is not, I think, the intention of the majority of NLA members or CLGJ organizers who wish instead to rebuild the American Common Law Court System we are owed and which is clearly stipulated as Amendment VII.
And yes, you are correct that Jury Nullification, the absolute authority of 12 Americans to “try the law” is the absolute means by which the people rule. In the Common Law Court System, 12 Americans get to decide whether a law is just, whether it is appropriate, whether it should be enforced, and whether it should be thrown out. This is how our Common Law Court System provides us with the means to overturn any legislation we find impractical, offensive, unfair, or evil.
It also provides us with the means to avoid conscription, confiscation, involuntary servitude, improper taxation, charges related to regulatory infractions, and a host of other evils.
For these reasons it is absolutely imperative for Americans to get busy and form their Jural Assemblies and operate their own Common Law Courts. When we fail to do so, Federal Military Tribunals are authorized for the sake of public safety and peacekeeping to come into our states and railroad us under foreign Admiralty Law. That is what Milligan Ex Parte is about.
As long as we run our own courts and adopt our own lawful identity as American State Nationals, these Admiralty Courts and Federal “State” Military Tribunals have no authority over us. It is only when we fail our duty to ourselves and our children to operate our own court system that these evils abound.
Mr. Daresh and his buddies including Mr. Rearden will have to wake up and face the facts sooner or later, but the rest of us are not going to stand around twiddling our thumbs waiting for the Intelligence Fairy to appear and knock them over the heads.
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