Monday, November 10, 2014

What is going on with Silver prices?

Many of my customers are doing what Mike is doing. They continue to buy silver every month or two and make an extra purchase once in a while when the price is at it's lowest, like right now.
That brings their average price for silver down lower, and they know that at some point they will want to sell some of their silver at the higher prices, which will also bring down the average price they paid over time.

This is great strategy and this current silver price and shortage at the US Mint tells me that the manipulated market price is about to go back up shortly.

It has been my opinion that the big players of the stock market who manipulate pricing are getting ready once again to jump out of stocks and into precious metals like they have done so many times before, then when the market crashes like it did in 08, the silver prices go back up. After that crash silver bounced off of $49 for a short time.  So the big banks and players make money in both directions, and the little guys get starved out of both markets.  NOW is the time to get more silver. I think this time they want to take the stock market to somewhere around 18000 before they crash it. And this time it might not recover at all.  This recovery is a big lie. It's all artificial and most people are beginning to realize that. That is why people are choked up and hanging on to every penny they can. The trouble is, most of our money is worthless paper.
Now I realize that we can't eat silver (for you preppers out there) and that some day the precious metals of choice might be lead, copper, and brass, if you get my drift, but now is not a bad time to buy some silver.
I have not been able to sell silver at under $20 per ounce for years.

Spot price this morning is just $15.66 per ounce.  That puts your price including the strike fee at the mint, shipping, insurance by Lloyds of London, and total anonymity at just $18.16 for 100 ounce orders. You can usually figure $2.50 over spot on orders at 100 ounces or less, down to a minimum or 20 ounces per order. The price comes down again at 500 ounces, and again at 1000 ounces.
These prices change every 90 seconds or so when the markets are open on the East Coast.

Here is what we offer, and just call 800 889 2839  to get the up to the minute price. We can lock an order on the phone between 8 AM and 3 PM Mountain time.
Minimum on most products are 20 ounces. The Tea Party round is 100 ounce minimum.
See the products here:

I am available by phone from 8 AM to 8 PM to get your questions answered at 800 889 2839. If I am not in the office that line is forwarded to my cell number.

Paul Stramer   SLC Distributing   Eureka Montana

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