Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Who is the best candidate for Lincoln County Sheriff?

I will let you answer that question for yourself.

Just look at the following websites.

For Bill Clark  
Pay special attention to the issues page.

For Roby Bowe     Sorry we could not find a website for his run for Sheriff in 2014. All we could find was something on the Montana Backcountry Outfitters at

and an article in the Flathead Beacon about his opinion of the Sheriffs First bill when it was defeated that leads me to believe he might be inclined to let the Federal agencies do whatever they want in Lincoln County without interference.

Is that true Roby? In the Flathead Beacon you said this about the Sheriffs First bill:

“We have a good working relationship with the federal government,” Bowe said. “I think it would just complicate things.”

Will you PLEASE inform the voters in Lincoln County about what you will do to protect them against unlawful overreach by federal agencies?   Will you please take a stand for FREEDOM?

The status quo is NOT GOOD ENOUGH with a federal government running wild and militarizing the police with gifts of military equipment nation wide as evidenced in Ferguson MO this last week.

What will you do to train your deputies and employees about our God Given rights protected by the US Constitution?  Are you doing ANYTHING about that?

Are you NOT going to campaign on the issues that people are worried about?  Let us know where you stand on the issues please.

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  1. I hope the good old boy anthem of "duh" does not continue a second term for Bowe. Unfortunately we saw a great candidate defeated against him last election, and when people get lazy, they get the worst candidate.


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