Saturday, February 15, 2014

Why hasn't the military arrested these madman traitors ruining our country?

MVI 0886 Here Is The Problem, For Us Soldiers!

The problem is a lack of faith in God.

We always have a choice.  Sometimes we are required to stand and tell the truth regardless of the consequences to our own person, which can lead others to a realization of the truth, and to action to correct the evils.

Look at the history of the martyrs in the time of Christ and after His death on the Cross. It seemed hopeless in their time to correct the evils of the Roman Empire, but because of their sacrifice the whole pagan empire went down and was converted.

Don't sell God short on His mercy and power!  We each need to be Faithful in our own circle of influence and our spiritual lives, and let the rest to God who is still in complete control of His creation as He always has been.

The best advice I can give to these military men is this.

Get down on your knees and pray, like it's all up to God (because really it is), and then get up and work like it's all up to us (to show Him we are sincere and to make us worthy of His mercy on our country).

We can only die once, and the really scary part of that, is that if we don't die in His grace, we can't come back and do it over again, so repent and do some penance and by humility and steadfast faith in God, help your fellow man draw God's mercy to our Country. Then lead a good and holy life, to show those around you your goodness and thereby convert them to a different and better heart.


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