Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Has only 1% of Snowden's documents been released.

Following the money being generated by these so called journalists who are holding on to the information so they can get rich on the process of releasing them, is very interesting.  Are they playing this game for greed?
Are they willing to gamble the future of this country for their own wealth?

The big question is this.  Will all those documents, including the ones that could generate indictments of government agents and employees, EVER see the light of day, and who will get rich in the process of hiding these documents from the public?

MY BIG QUESTION IS THIS:   Why didn't Snowden just UPLOAD the whole darn load of documents to the internet on a bunch of different websites on foreign servers where the US government can't get at them.

It seems to me this whole thing might be some kind of setup, or diversionary tactic to keep people distracted from efforts that might really reign in the out of control criminal elements in our government. Is that true?
I don't know, but we will be watching these sources closely.

At this point only a few hundred of the 50 some thousand documents have been released.

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