Thursday, September 12, 2013

Seven countries in five years scheduled for attack.

Pay special attention to what General Wesley Clark has to say in this video!


I have received information originating from a well-known former General at the Pentagon; everybody knows this guy's name. This information comes to me second hand, but I consider the go-between to be very reliable.

The information that I have received so far is that five of the US Military's highest-ranking Generals have met with Barack Obama and warned him that if he orders an attack on Syria he will be arrested and charged with Treason for attempting to provide aid and comfort to our enemies, namely the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front in Syria.

The generals reportedly punctuated that statement with a promise that if he is convicted of Treason, Barack Obama will find himself swinging at the end of a rope at Leavenworth.

It's ON ladies and gentlemen. I KNEW the military would not put up with this Traitor forever. For the latest information on this, tune in to a special broadcast of TTiVLIVE! at 7 p.m. EST 9/10/13. You can watch my video broadcast by clicking on the video icon in this post or listen to the audio at

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PLEASE, Lord God in Heaven, let this be true!

God bless and SEMPER FI!!!
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The Bankster Criminals who stole 16 Trillion from the American People

This is a crime beyond anything that has been done to America in it's history.

The devaluation of the Federal Reserve debt based money has enabled these criminals to rob you your whole life long. Now they are getting ready to steal your savings also.

I challenge anybody to prove me wrong.

These guys are literally laughing all the way to the bank.

They have stolen the buying power of your currency and devalued it down to 2% of what it was worth in 1913. You are looking at the criminals that have raped you financially.
The question is What are you going to do about it?