Monday, November 18, 2013

When good and moral neighbors become really valuable.

Some thoughts about this video and post collapse security.

In Montana these marauders would have a tougher time than other places, because over 95% of the households in Montana have guns and the average number of guns per household is around 27.
Talk to the Montana Shooting Sports Association for their survey results.

Most of you know that we are trying to get people up to speed on radio communications. You will notice in the video that they will target antennas.  This is one reason that we have set up multiple repeaters that cover our county. They can shoot out our antennas at our location and we can still talk on a handheld radio over one of several repeaters to get out the word that we are under attack. Those repeaters are on mountain tops in every direction and miles from where we live. Most are around 7000 feet or higher above sea level. They are NOT accessible especially in winter by these people. They will not know where they are.
They can cut our phone lines. So what. We can talk for 100 miles through these repeaters. Even if we can't our neighbors are ready and they are legion. They will hear the shots and come running by the dozens.

What needs to happen is the first time one of these attacks occurs several hundred patriots need to come in behind these evil murderers and cut them to ribbons. That will send the message to other looter groups not to try this in Montana. Maybe that is what should have happened in Waco TX. Maybe that is what should have happened on Ruby Ridge in Idaho. I don't know, but this kind of looting and murder needs to be nipped in the bud immediately.  NO MORE WACOS.  NO MORE RUBY RIDGES.

NO looting will be tolerated, ever, anywhere, by the patriot community, and it doesn't matter what kind of clothing the murderers are wearing. We will defend our families, and we are far better prepared than anyone thinks.  If the mad, bad guys try this in the west, they are going to get a big surprise, and it will make every other resistance in the history of the world look like childs play. Remember what Admiral  Isoroku Yamamoto said when they asked him why he didn't invade the American mainland after Pearl Harbor. He said "Because there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass".   Marauders, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, for your own good.

If you don't believe it just look at the statistics on gun sales after the leftist gun grabbers tried to outlaw our guns over the last year or so. Gun sales have gone through the roof, and ammo has all but disappeared off the shelves for months after the CT shooting. That is not a population getting ready to go hunting. It's a population getting ready for a war to preserve freedom.

We love peace, and want nothing more than to be left alone to live and raise our families in peace and good order in our communities, but if someone,  ANYONE tries this kind of stuff as in the video above they better be prepared to die. It's just that simple.  You take our food, you forfeit your life. You take our fuel, you forfeit your life. You take our water, you forfeit your life. You take ANYTHING that we are counting on for survival, you forfeit your life.

On the other hand, if you come unarmed, alone, and ask politely for something you need we might be willing to do some trading, or just show some true Christian Charity, but don't come with force, or threaten force, EVER. It will result in some very lethal confrontation.  We will defend our families with our lives at every turn against your evil attempted force, and by God's help we will prevail.

The only way to preserve freedom and to survive is to enforce the rule of law, both Divine and Natural law, and the US Constitution. All of the above scenarios in the movie are Immoral and Unlawful in every respect, so therefore they deserve our contempt and total opposition in whatever way we have at our disposal.
The prime civil law is common law. It has only two parts.
1. Do all you agree to do.  2. Do not encroach on others or their property.
We intend to enforce that common law to the end.

How well do you know YOUR neighbors?

Paul Stramer


  1. be very carfel you don't step on something out in my yard

  2. the food you steele just might not be good to eat or when you pick it up it don't blow your as- off a lot of old vets out here


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