Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The People Still Have the Power, IF They Know Their Power

Billboard advocating jury nullification concerns local prosecutors

This should be happening all over the country, and when it does, the bad law goes away.

You have to see this picture of the billboard that appeared in the Washington Post yesterday morning.
Our own Fully Informed Jury Association had a big hand in making this happen.

If the people just knew their power we could take this country back, and the prosecutors are frantic to stop this because it takes their power to enforce bad law away and hands it back to the people where it belongs.

Jury nullification is one of the great safeguards against tyranny that our founders put in our supreme law, The US Constitution.  Read more at

You have 4 votes in the system.  The voting booth, the grand jury, the trial jury, and the cartridge box.
By using the first three, maybe we can avoid having to use that last one.

Go to the following links on this blog to get the full information on how to stop runaway government using your jury rights.

When the people wake up and realize their power the bad laws get nullified and eventually, like the alcohol prohibition laws, they will get taken off the books. The government goons know this, and that is why they try to discredit juries at every turn. They want the judges to hear and decide all the cases. Many judges have been bought and paid for by corrupt government.
YOU HAVE THE POWER to stop this when you are on a jury.

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