Monday, September 30, 2013

Policing for Profit - criminal asset forfeiture laws unconstitutional

Sunday, September 29, 2013 

The New Mafia Wears A Badge


Found here:

Found here:

At some point the American people are going to have to stop this at the time they are accosted.
It will happen. At some point these cops will stop someone that just won't stand for getting a shake down and being robbed of their hard earned cash. At some point the honest people who are just going about their business lawfully and peacefully will stop this however they can.

What will YOU do?  Will you stand by and allow these thug criminals with badges to ruin your life and rob you blind under the color of clearly unconstitutional so called "law"????

What recourse do you have, when the courts are all corrupt and perpetrating this fraud and robbery?
Even if the courts were not part of it (which they are) how is it right to have to spend thousands on lawyers to correct this thievery after it's done? Most people who are victims of this have no means of recovery.

This is just another symptom of what happens when there is a moral breakdown. These cops have no conscience. They don't care about their oath before God to the US Constitution. They are criminals, whether they think so or not.

My advice is to avoid places where it is known that this is happening. Stay out of these states.

I practically NEVER leave Montana any more.

I have not heard of this happening in Montana yet.  If you have heard of this happening in Montana please write about that in the comments section below.

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