Monday, February 11, 2013

The Militia of the Several States

Oops : There is that terrible M word again.  The domestic enemies of our Supreme Law of the Land, the US Constitution, want you to believe that that dirty Militia is going to be responsible for other words they want you to believe are very bad, like "civil unrest", and "insurgency:".  Well one man's insurgent is another man's freedom fighter. To King George all the Americans of his day were "insurgents".  They want you to believe that to oppose their gun control so called "laws" is the next thing to treason, and that to talk about the US Constitution is the next thing to "overthrowing" the government. They will brand those who want law and order and peace in our communities, and want everyone to obey that supreme law, as old fashioned, out of date, narrow minded, behind the times, and many other stupid twisted backwards terms that they themselves have invented to demonize real American Patriots of our day, just like they did during the time of the founders. They have many mouth organs of hate like the Southern Poverty Law Center just to name one, who are only too glad to do their bidding, and get rich in the process. Yes they are willing to sell their soul to the devil to get what they want, and have, over and over.

It seems the freedom loving people in America can't find any progress in really taking back the power that the US Constitution is supposed to protect in their hands. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the lack of morality among many. In other words Americans, first and foremost, MUST MAKE THEMSELVES WORTHY OF THE BLESSINGS OF FREEDOM, BEFORE we can expect our Creator to bless us with it. It seems in our day that the majority of us have made ourselves unworthy of those blessings with the plunge into immorality, and hedonism our country has experienced in the last 6 or 7 decades. So the very first requirement is for us to "Get our own house in order", or as my mother used to say, "Clean up your own doorstep first before you criticize your neighbor."  I know many of you have really given that some serious effort, but too many have not. Let's assume for the sake of the rest of this article, that we are talking to people who are absolutely sincere about making our country once again WORTHY of  freedom with that spiritual revival.

Once that is behind us, then what?  What is next? How can we get the power back into the hands of those who are really trying to be good and just, and peaceful? In short, how can we RESTORE AMERICA to her former peace and freedom under God's laws that is mentioned by our Founders, and avoid massive bloodshed in the process?  I am sure that question has been on everyone's mind, especially those who are somewhat well informed but feel powerless to stop the evil people who don't give a damn about the supreme law and are willing to destroy the peace and good order of our communities to get the absolute monopoly of lethal force that they want through their unlawful gun control measures.

Well we have been given the answer. 
The answer is contained in one definitive work by one of the most well studied, articulate, brilliant legal minds in the history of our country. His work will restore our country if it's followed properly.

Here is a short description of that work:

The Sword and Sovereignty: The Constitutional Principles of "the Militia of the several States" is a comprehensive study-2,304 pages in length, with 6,544 footnotes and endnotes-of the constitutional and statutory history of America's Militia, which gives special emphasis to the unique and indispensable rôle of the Militia as the institutions through which WE THE PEOPLE themselves ultimately provide, or withhold, "the consent of the governed" upon which this country's form of government depends for its legitimacy. The Sword and Sovereignty derives the basic legal and practical principles of the Militia from a detailed study of the pre-constitutional Militia statutes of Rhode Island and Virginia (selected, for reasons the book makes clear, as exemplars of what happened throughout America in that era). It explains how these principles are embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and how they should be applied in the operation of America's true "federal" system of government-indeed, why it is Congress's and every State's duty to see to the organization of, and every American's personal duty to participate in, the Militia, more imperatively now than ever before. It exposes the dangerous fallacy in the contemporary "individual-rights" misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, and explains how the Supreme Court's Heller decision reduced Americans' "right * * * to keep and bear Arms" to a level far below what their forebears enjoyed when the Constitution and Bill of Rights were ratified. And it examines ways in which revitalized "Militia of the several States" could, should, and if they were properly revitalized would deal with many of the most pressing contemporary problems this country faces-such as the correction of rogue public officials; the supervision of the "military-industrial complex"; the conduct of honest elections; the provision of an alternative currency, etc.

Here is where you can get this wonderful work on CD. 
This will so impress you that you will want to seek your friends' help in implementing it immediately.

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