Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sales through the roof at the gun shows

This article was written by my Silver associate in Denver and is what you should be watching in the coming few weeks and months.
The Gobal financial system is failing RIGHT NOW and there is no way mathematically possible to save it EVEN IF WE WANTED TO.
We need to start over with currency with intrinsic value like precious metals - gold, silver, lead, brass, copper etc.
Silver is flat flying out the door right now. Time is short. Everything I sell at the gun shows is moving really well and setting records for sales.
Solar Equipment, fuel preservative, radios, silver, and the new little stove that charges your batteries while it cooks your meals in camp are
generating a lot of interest and sales.
I will be in Bozeman this weekend for the final 3 day show of the year, then I am done with shows until February in Butte.
We just had a barn burner of a show in Kalispell. It was the best show of the year there for many of the vendors including me.
I don't know how much longer we will be able to do the gun shows, but I will be riding that ship when it goes down.
If you want some silver before it's too late look here and then call for the best price.
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Info I’m getting to pay attention to:

Info coming out that the US has defaulted on payments to China and that China has demanded the US pay up in full. O is stalling and blocking global currency revaluation(RV) that would completely pay this debt off as he wants a 40% tax on the RV. China has said pay or we are coming to basically repossess and has launched its Navy. O has said "bring it". China is said to possess EMP weaponry that will if used, throw the US back to the dark ages.

Now, none of what I am saying is exaggerated. If O does not go with the demands of China and Mr. WU, who now basically owns the Fed Res, then we will most likely be looking at WW III with China in the coming weeks. There have been countless high level meetings in the last several weeks on all of this and is what I have been posting about including the stock market crash on Fri after Thanksgiving. Mr. Wu accepted O's word that the RV would get done and didn't crash the stock market. Now at this time, O is flirting with a nuclear bomb since he hasn't lived up to his promise and Wu and the Dragons are just about done talking and negotiating. I know there is a high level meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon which may be the final tipping point based on what I hear is to be discussed.

China is not Japan of WW II....War with China will bring in Russia as an ally, India, Iran, many of the Asian countries and more. Now the US Corp is bankrupt and if there is a war, there will be no money to pay for it as the US's lender, China, will be on the opposite side. … China, already owns significant land in the US, their troops already stationed in Mexico, the sub off of Calif that fired a missile 6-9 months ago, the other subs patrolling in the Gulf of Mexico …. To think we are the big boy on the block any more, well you are sadly mistaken. Now The other side of this is the financial war China has already waged on the US which the US is losing to the ability for China to completely and totally crash the stock market to a value of DOW < 3000 from its current level. I have many, many more examples that will support the fact that China is and has control of this and if it comes to a war, it will be a war the US will most certainly lose.

Some of this hinted at in today’s post on Dinar Recaps:

I have been following all of this for a few years now… China told us back in 2008 that if we failed on our debt payment to them, they would consider it an act of war.
Then, they formed the BRICS treaty/alliance with Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa…  which basically said they would no longer conduct trade with the US Dollar as the world reserve currency…and have since been trading amongst themselves in a gold-backed currency.  Since then, other countries have joined them; this effectively wiped out the US Dollar as the world reserve currency, and has brought down the fiat central banking system. The entire story goes back centuries…

We are about to see this come to fruition… in January 2013 Basel III standards will be implemented world-wide, which will require the central banks to have assets of gold, silver, oil, gas, precious gems etc. to back the value of their currency.  They will no longer be able to just print money at will.   Gold and silver prices have been manipulated to keep up the appearance that fiat currency has retained value; we will be seeing that manipulation soon come to an end, and physical metal prices will separate from the manufactured derivative pricing. 

We have seen shifts in trade and jobs and real estate etc. over the last few years – everything going to China… now you know why… pacification because the US has been in default on our debt to China… there’s also a huge story about US theft of gold from China that dates back to WWII and Chiang Kai-Shek era… much of that has been stashed away in caves in the Philippines… but also used illegally (stolen) by the Central Bankers (Rothchilds, Rockerfeller-Bush Cabal).

If you’ve been following the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand protocols… this is also in the works… along with the global currency re-set, the change of the world-reserve currency from US Dollar to Chinese yuan/ remnimbi…

All of this ties in with what’s been happening with gold and silver, and the dinar RV….which is how I came to be researching all of this stuff to begin with…

Mary Beth Maidment
Silver & Gold Shop

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