Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silver heading back up, now is the time.

Gold broke $1700 per ounce this morning, and Silver is going up with it.  Silver spot this morning is $32.79
Just a few weeks ago silver was BELOW $30 per ounce.
These spot prices are what the biggest dealers pay for large quantities of silver bullion in 1000 ounce bars they can melt to make smaller bars and one ounce rounds.
The spot price is highly manipulated by the big players in the stock market and big banks, and they are in trouble.
The ratio between silver and gold is also going up again. For decades it took 15 or 16 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. Right now it stands at 52 ounces of silver. Does that say "manipulation" to you? It does to me.
What drives the silver price down?  Everyone agrees that there is much more Gold above ground and available than silver. In fact 10 times as much. One would think that the laws of supply and demand would make the prices reverse.   There is virtually NO industrial demand for gold, but the demand for silver is extremely high. It's used in virtually every electronic product in the world, and once used it's almost irretrievable. So it  gets used up and discarded. What is going to happen when the Federal Reserve Note looses more of it's value? Silver will continue to go up, and as the price goes up, so will the price of every electronic device.
So with such a high demand and low supply why are the prices on silver so depressed? Because of manipulation of the price by the big banks to keep you from thinking silver is a good investment, when in fact the fundamentals on silver right now are as good or better than they have ever been, and are the best reasons to get into the precious metal market over any other metal.
It seems that people get excited about silver only when it's going up. I get excited about silver when it goes down because I know I can buy more. Silver is a long term protection, more than a way to make short term gains. Silver is your best hedge for a dollar collapse, and if you think the dollar isn't on the way to a full collapse, then you might just as well stop reading this right now, because I don't have time to argue that point with you. It should be obvious that the US federal reserve note has NO intrinsic value and is on it's way out as the world's reserve currency.
So, the question to you is this.  Are you going to stand there, and wait, while all your hard earned wealth just disappears because you have it in paper or digits in somebody's computer? Or are you going to do something that makes absolute sense to protect your wealth before it's too late?
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