Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ron Paul is winning and could take the nomination on the first ballot.


  1. Come on folks. We've got to keep Ron Paul going for the sake of our liberty; for the sake of the United States as the world's leading nation.

    I saw a video yesterday by a German lady saying that America must not fall because the world looks to us for leadership. She said that we've got something no other country has, but I say it is quickly slipping away. Don't let it.

    I'm a little selfish here, I want my country back the way it was when I was a kid 60 years ago. It was so great being an American back then.

    Please give to Paul's campaign as much as you can. I know it can be tough, I've donated at least seven times. Give what you can. If you buy silver give Ron Paul the value of at least one ounce of silver and I'll try to do the same.

    Thank you,_________Kent Brashear, Texas

  2. I'm in it to win with Dr. Paul as much as anybody. However, this video lacks any rigorous analysis and makes unsubstantiated statements that give an unnecessarily optimistic (yet not realistic) hopes. I'm into realistic optimism. We need better analysis with numbers, comparisons, etc. We are certainly WINNING from the philosophical, long-term liberty view, crowds, etc; we're winning at being despised by the msm and "gop" leadership (these REALLY are signs that we are winning) But to assert that we are winning with actual numbers (even the most favorable numbers free from msm/gop cheating, lying, etc, is simply not true. I wish it were true. Yes, we should continue to fight and be even more optimistic than Rand Paul is (slightly discouragin words/attitude from him on Alex Jones show yesterday). We need to give it our all towards Tampa in the gop AND go CP, LP, AE, others, and/or all four along with gop run... as leverage against the gop and as a contingency for us. By Dr. Paul running concurrently NOW (at their respective conventions) with these parties (any or all of them) he ensures a pathway beyond Tampa for The Revolution. BTW, I've spoken with the Chairmans of the LP and CP respectively and their nominations are for Ron Paul's taking concurrent with his gop run. I love Ron Paul Flix but this non-rigorous report is mere happy talk. We must be analytical as well as free spirit sign-waving Ron Paul enthusiasts. I am both! Let's do both! Comprehensive victory and contingencies for a Ron Paul win in November against Hillary or Obama, whoever it might be.


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