Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bob Fanning and Joel Boniek speaking Truth to Power

Speaking Truth to Power

Bob Fanning is the only candidate for Governor that gets it all right. He is saying the truth about what it will take to restore freedom in Montana. He has endorsed Ron Paul.

On his new website he has the logo and link to Oathkeepers, Ron Paul, The 10th Amendment Center, Spoiler, and Lobo Watch.

He would govern with backbone to stand up for the Constitution, Freedom and Liberty, Prosperity and  States Rights.

If you want a refreshing change in political speech, and want to see real hope for the future of Montana I invite you to see this new website here:

I am also excited to see a great former legislator and good friend Joel Boniek join Bob as his LT. Gov. running mate. Joel introduced and fought to pass the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, which is now law in Montana and headed for the US Supreme Court. This law seeks to reverse decades of wrong rulings based on the Commerce Clause that have allowed the federal government to encroach on your rights, and the jurisdiction of the states over the last 70 years or so until almost every aspect of your life are being controlled.

Bob and Joel have the answers for freedom and prosperity in Montana, even if the Feds try to go to a police state rule.
The answers are contained in our founding documents, and the supreme law of the land. The answer includes a Governor and Lt. Governor with some backbone who will enforce state sovereignty and states rights against federal tyranny.

For Bob's Platform read this:

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  1. Thank you Paul!
    Hope to be with you & Rex up there between April 12 th & 14th


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