Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How they change freedom into slavery with your help

They manipulate your mind without your knowledge.

This applies to almost every meeting of planning facilitators.

I know this has been used in Lincoln County Montana and this needs to stop.

Agenda 21 and stakeholders meetings are a prime example where they bring in some professional facilitator to change the thinking and manipulate a pre-arrainged conclusion making it seem to indicate consensus of local opinion.

Be forwarned that you will probably recognize when you read this that at some time you yourself have been the victim of this mind control technique and you didn't even know it.

Delphi Technique info

This is important to the future of our local freedom because there are those in local government who are helping these people put their Agenda 21 program in place and destroying our freedoms and liberty in the process and are doing it RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES and sometimes with our unwitting help.

These international one world planners want us completely OUT of Northwest Montana. They want your land, your freedom, and your life if you resist.

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Pay special attention to the section on how to diffuse the Delphi Technique.

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