Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gold Standard or Interest free fiat currency?

The battle going on now among the elite about who is going to control the issue of money and what form it might be if the dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency for oil is heating up.

Some of the elite want a return to the gold standard that was semi effective for decades probably because they own most of the gold. Other elite want a fiat currency issued by the International Monetary Fund (God Forbid) and interest bearing of course.

Yet others like Ellen Brown are promoting a fiat currency issued by government without interest and controlled by a direct tie to GDP and other economic factors by law, to stabilize that currency.

One thing for sure. This is a very interesting discussion that is gaining more exposure every day.

Here is an article from the Daily Bell that covers the IMF basket of currencies idea v.s. a gold standard.


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