Wednesday, May 26, 2021

What We Need to Communicate

 By Anna Von Reitz

When this whole Mess began there was a far greater understanding of the circumstance, at least on the parts of the Federal Military and Federal Civil Service Employees, than there is today.
The nature and purpose of the Carpetbagger Courts was pretty simple. The victorious North and their British Allies were intent on collecting money from the Southerners to pay for their own war debts. This process began immediately after Lee's Surrender and the courts tasked to act as debt collectors were formed in May of 1865.
Ten new Military Districts --- established under the Territorial District Government residing in the District of Columbia --- were set up under the auspices of the Territorial U.S. Army. Each such District was overseen by a Military General of at least Brigadier rank, and it was his duty to appoint Judges loyal to the North and the Territorial Government to the benches of these courts. The courts were then set up as private bill collection agencies to extort war reparations and profits.
Nothing has changed, except that over the years, more Military Districts have been formed across the entire length and breadth of this country, the Carpetbagger Court System has become an institution mistaken for our Lawful Court System, and it has continued to be used as means to pillage and plunder under color of law, using False Legal Presumptions, Impersonation, and Barratry to extort payment from Americans who have nothing to do with any of this graft and criminality at all.
What we, Americans who have declared and recorded our political status, need to communicate to these courts is the same today as it was in 1865.
We are Americans.
We are peaceful law-abiding non-combatant civilians.
We stand under the Public Law and The Law of Peace.
We are owed all protections and guarantees.
We are not Municipal citizens of the United States.
We claim all exemptions.
We are owed permanent, mandatory, protective injunctions.
Our State Assembly is in Session and our State is enrolled as a State of the Union.
There can be no Presumption of a Public Trust Interest.
We have not subjected ourselves to any foreign law.
We have not granted any Power of Attorney.
We request and require Full Disclosure of the Case-Claim.
There is no lack of ignorance at all levels of the current bureaucracy, including within the Carpetbagger Courts which have been in continuous operation since 1865, collecting war reparations from people who were never involved in any war and never owed any reparations.
The Military District Courts actually think (or try to bluff) that they are Article III Courts, but that is literally impossible. Why? Because the Article III Courts were formed under the auspices of the Federal Republic in 1787, under the original Federal Constitution granted to the States of America, and the Federal Republic ceased to function in 1860.
Neither the Territorial U.S. Government nor the Municipal Government of the United States operating as incorporated instrumentalities are competent to function as Article III Courts --- but they can front Military (also known as "Federal") District (Carpetbagger) Courts operating under Maritime and Admiralty Law, or Municipal COURTS to oversee Municipal FRANCHISES --- and collect money from their own respective citizenries to their heart's delight.
That's why they have accidentally-on-purpose-misidentified and impersonated all of us Americans as members of their citizenries instead of counting us for who we are --- Americans.
This information has been "compartmentalized" so as to assure that the right hand has, generally speaking, not known what the left hand was doing. Clerks of the Court only know the Clerk's part. Judges only know the Judge's part. Attorneys only know the Attorney's part.

So it remains for us to tell them what they are engaged in and the nature of the courts they are working for and foisting off on others. And most important, it remains for us to tell them who we are in no uncertain terms.


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