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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Reiner Fuellmich Update: We are starting to win in Courts!!!!


  1. This was all ALLOWED to happen on a specific timeline which is only coming to a head to allow accountability to start being applied or threaten to be applied now... after 18 months of bullshit pandemic pretending the coronavirus, which causes the common cold, was some new unknown killer now called Covid...

    So now that the world is in a shit stew, they'll start highlighting those ones they pre-picked as the "good guys" who will be illumined by the media in such a way as to present them as the worlds Saviors... when they were in bed with the criminals who setup this whole defrauding...

    Gee what a Win! :P

  2. posting here for the international peace proclamation article

    1. there was no "civil war". declaration of war; much like right now!

    2. the creators of the States of America and of The United States of America did not create and also do not recognize any Head of State or other such Vatican/Crown /other created Office.

    3. a proclamation is for SUBJECTS!!
    We, Americans, are free and independent man and woman!

    And much more!


    GET OVER IT WILL YA?!! :):):)

    WE 'AINT COMIN' BACK:):):):)!!!
    !!!!! EVER !!!!!

    LET GO!!!!
    YOURE CREEPY!!!!! :):)
    GO AWAY!!!!!!

    and wipe our bread 'n gravy off your nasty blubberlip mouths:):):)... your imaginary free lunch is over. now YOU HAVE TO PAY US ALL BACK!

    DONT SAY "No, we dont."!!!!!!
    cause Y. E. S.!! ya'du. :):)
    the gravy train has left the station!!!
    TOOT!! TOOOOOOOT!!! :):):)

  3. Is william of orange the same as william the conqueror?

    "By the early 1940s, ranking members of the AMA had come to
    the conclusion that much of their problems with their membership
    lay with the abrasive Morris Fishbein. Most doctors were
    ultraconservative in their thinking, and they found Fishbein's antics
    repulsive. Nevertheless, he had spun his web at the AMA so fine
    that it involved everyone in the headquarters. His power was built
    on censorship, intimidation, and exercise of his powers to the limit.
    It took his rivals almost a decade to get rid of him. Their opportunity
    came when Fishbein's able lieutenant, Dr. Olin West, became ill,
    and was no longer able to maintain iron control of the AMA
    headquarters for the Fishbein regime. Apparently ignorant of the
    cabal against him, Fishbein continued his merry life of travel and
    recreation, continuing to garner many awards and prizes for his
    medical public relations work. He had been named an Officer of the
    Cross in the exclusive order of Orange-Nassau, a very secretive
    organization which commemorated the invasion and takeover of
    England by William of Orange, and the subsequent establishment of
    the Bank of England. Fishbein made frequent trips to England,
    where he was wined and dined by prominent members of the
    Establishment; they must have believed he could be of use to them. "


    1. Looks like william the conqueror was William 1, while william of orange was William 3.


    2. From the second URL:

      "Queen Elizabeth II is the 27-x-great-granddaughter of William the Conqueror (if you go through the Henry VII route which descends from Edward III’s son John of Gaunt.)

      How can this be? Simple. The crown always passed to someone in the bloodline.

      Ready for a 900 year journey?

      After William the Conqueror died, the English crown passed to his second surviving son, William II. He died in a hunting accident, and his brother became Henry I. Though Henry I wanted his daughter Matilda to be his heir, her first cousin Stephen beat her to it. Stephen was William the Conqueror’s grandson from his daughter Adela. The negotiated settlement in the fighting between King Stephen and Matilda was that Matilda’s son would be Stephen’s heir. This was Henry II. Henry II was succeeded by his son Richard I (the Lionheart). Richard I was succeeded by his brother John. John, by his son Henry III. Henry III by his son Edward I. Edward I by his son Edward II. Edward II by his son Edward III. Edward III was supposed to be succeeded by his eldest son, Edward the Black Prince. But the Black Prince predeceased his father, so his, the Black Prince’s, son became Richard II. Richard II was overthrown by his first cousin Henry Bolingbroke, as Henry IV. Henry IV was the son of Edward III’s son John of Gaunt. Henry IV was succeeded by his son Henry V. Henry V by his son Henry VI. This is where the Wars of the Roses happen. The descendants of Edward III’s son Edmond, the House of York, fought for the throne against the descendants of John of Gaunt, the House of Lancaster. Eventually (and twice), Edmond’s great-grandson took the crown from Henry VI as Edward IV. When Edward IV died his son became Edward V, but was never crowned. The most accepted scenario is that he died at the hands of/ordered by his uncle, Edward IV’s brother, who became Richard III. Richard III was defeated in battle by a distant cousin, a descendant of John of Gaunt by his (John of Gaunt’s) second wife. This cousin was Henry Tudor who reigned as Henry VII. Henry VII married Elizabeth of York, Edward IV’s daughter, thus uniting the warring houses of Lancaster and York. Their elder son, Arthur died young, and their second son became Henry VIII. Henry VIII’s three children Mary, Elizabeth, and Edward, reigned in order as Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. As mentioned earlier, none them had any children. This was a dead end. Henry VIII’s older sister, Margaret, married the King of Scots, James IV. James IV was succeeded as the King of Scots by their son James V. James V by his daughter Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary by her son, James VI, King of Scots. Because James VI’s great-great-grandfather was Henry VII, he became King James I of England when Elizabeth I died. James I was succeeded by his son Charles I. Then there were the Civil Wars and he lost his head in 1649. In 1660, the Crown was restored and Charles I’s son returned to England as Charles II. He had no legitimate children so was succeeded by his brother, James II. James II was chased out of the country and was succeeded by his daughter Mary II and her husband, William III, who was the son of Charles I’s daughter Mary. William III and Mary II were first cousins. They had no children, so when William III died (Mary II had died before him), Mary II’s sister Anne became queen. "

      Theres the lineage.

    3. WHEW! and thank *God* we have:

      ...and DISSOLVED the political bands that had connected us with another!!!!!.... Decl of Indep (paraphrase.)

      And try, Try, TRY as they might, they cant do anything about it because they have no lawful authority pertaining to it.
      and so it is.

  4. My comment got deleted go figure

    They attached the SURNAME to apply taxes and they have been swindling the populations of the world since then and teaching the serfs to use that SURNAME no matter what, after all it is your fathers name, right

    Or is your father the state which these cretins made you a ward of
    And I can tell ya they didn't separate church and state because everyones papa is the state with the vatican administration at the helm
    The largest non profit non governmental orgainzation in the world

    And these lineage things mentioned above are these lineage that follow the mother or the father?

    Just curious
    Miles wrote an article the other day about faking their deaths and so on and how they replaced this one with that one hanged onew beheaded one (a royal) and then replaced with someone in the actors guild lineage?

    I'm not buying this shit no more

    I don't give a shit what lineage they came from they still do not have authority over all the earth they took it for their own gain and keep the secret amongst themselves to move their plan forward

    What if back them they put on the same kind of stage play we see today - no difference just different generations from the same crooks

    They're lready removing history and created new to cover up their crimes like the so called Land Trust created in 1915 that we seeing now

    Where is this state land code? Library and records off limits now that everything is digital?

    They are building the cock and bull story of Babylon that they creating RIGHT NOW and they are working the final phase for their 1000 year reign and the state level bullshit is just that
    CONgress is fake and they made up the rule and determined that these lands should be that of these so called 13 heirs

    A reversal played as we are moved back in time to UNCOVER this plan of theirs

    It's all nothing but shit as their swindle continues and they replace the old serfs in the now rebankrupted imagi nations loans come due and the fake ass godvernment doesn't pay the fake debt

  5. This guy here will show you some ropes for a $550 consult fee of that their fiat currency

    And this one here there is no money everything is liens will enroll you in his SPC University in exchange for some of that fiat currency too

    Don't forget these guys here,, they been in the BUSINESS since 2004
    They have 3 different levels of freeDUMB they'll sell ya for those fiat or digital dollars

    HISAdvocates will help you with the private versus public too ust register and pay your monthly fees and off ya go, to where no one knows


  6. This is what happens when the controllers remove the water dams

    Of course you know it will be blamed on climate change and us pesky humans

    Heaven on earth release all the dams you have aquarius the 'water bearer' and wala climate change objective and new age accomplished at the same time


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