Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Meat Mafia: The Great Reset of Food | Glenn TV | Ep. 118

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Glenn exposes how ranchers are slowly and secretly being run out of business and how farmers are economically being forced to comply. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) is the weapon, and the top food suppliers have caved. The heart of our country — farmers and ranchers — is being destroyed in the name of “social progress.” From Biden’s infrastructure plan to his tax deal and inflation, Glenn reveals how it's all connected to transform society into something completely un-American. South Dakota governor Kristi Noem joins to discuss the attacks on our food supply and says America's agriculture industry should be treated as a national security issue. She discusses the plans for how her state is going around the Biden administration "to create our own meat processing supply ... and take our destiny back into our own hands."


  1. is an israeli company that appears to be using an adapted HeLa cell culture reproduction/immortality function in their meat cultures for the "cultured" meats they are producing. HeLa cell culter was from Henrietta Lacks and was taken and used in all sorts of biomedical research because that cell culture would constantly reproduce and never died. Adapt that to an animal muscle tissue and setup the proper substrate medium and you have meats that will grow forever based on the same cancer enabled cell culture of the HeLa original.

    We gonna end up with men who are just monstrous nerve bundles? what are the consequences of eating a cancer growth enabled meat culture as opposed to eating naturally grown animals as the meat?

    What happens if the vaccinations enable transdna crossfection of the cultured meat into some aspect of the human consuming it? Sweet Tooth?

    Curious Times. Obeying any Authority but oneself is looking more and more like a Risky proposition.

  2. Mafia is one of the hateful problem really.. some of my farmer relatives in dakota are suffering. All of these should be responsibly held by ESG .. what the heck are they doing still??.. everybody must address this and spread out soon. Casino game development company, Best 6 burner gas grills


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