Tuesday, March 24, 2020

To Mr. Trump and the "Flag Officers"

By Anna Von Reitz

Our actual flag, the flag of the American Federal Republic, is displayed "face down" and "struck" in the Capitol Rotunda and displayed as such also in the House Chambers and the Senate Chambers.

This despicable disrespect and Big Lie with respect to the condition of our flag, and our Government, has been tolerated by six generations of "American" Flag Officers.

I would like to know what breed of ignoramus we have spawned here, which has seen our flag in this condition for 150 years and through multiple, even world-spanning conflicts, and done NOTHING about it? 

Our flag should be displayed in the upright, horizontal position in the Capitol Rotunda and everywhere else that it is displayed or represented.

The idea that our American Government somehow "disappeared" and was subject to being "held in abeyance" simply because a Federal Subcontractor ceased operating is ignorant lunacy. 

Likewise the idea that our Government, our States, or our People, are bankrupt because of the bankruptcies of our Federal Subcontractors-- which are operating as foreign commercial corporations-- is likewise ignorant lunacy. 

That is akin to presuming that I am absent or bankrupt, because the guy who mows my lawn doesn't show up for work or goes bankrupt.

We are here to tell you and the rest of the world that, no, we are not bankrupt because our employees are.  Our assets are not subject to their bankruptcy. Our assets are owed to us, free and clear of any debt, mortgage, presumption or encumbrance.

And it is your duty, Flag Officers, to track down the US Trustees in their burrows and shove this information up their noses or other orifices, at your convenience.  Now, sirs.

You have all allowed and indulged this nonsense "on our behalf" for 150 years, and left our flag displayed vertically, as "incompetent" and "struck" in the Capitol Rotunda? 

You should all be court-martialed for incompetence, neglect of duty and due diligence, plus dishonesty reflecting dishonor upon your rank and commission.
Some of your seniors, now dead, should have been held and tried for treason, breach of trust, and sedition. 

As it is, I must be content that they are dead and gone.  Perhaps I shall find time and occasion to go piss on their graves.

Our government is alive and well and the Queen and the Pope and the Lord Mayor and numerous other world governments have been given Due Notice of the facts, but somehow, miraculously, the "Flag Officers" who pretend so much commitment to the flag of our country, don't know the difference between the actual flag which stands Dishonored in the Capitol Rotunda, and the Title IV Flag allowed for the use of our British Subcontractors.

Flag Officers --- if you have read my comments issued yesterday and recorded for posterity on video last night, you have cause to know how disgusted I am on a deeply personal level by your lack of performance, due diligence, and loyalty to your actual flag and country. 

You and Mr. Trump are all instructed, requested, and required to enter the Capitol and raise the flag of the American Federal Republic to its proper estate and condition, flying horizontally.  

By this sign may all Principals and Parties know that the American Government is at home and none too pleased about the past presumptions and actions of our Employees. 


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