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Monday, June 29, 2020

Are Mandatory Masks "OSHA"-Approved? What is the Liability?

Found Here:


  1. She is right on, I have asthma and I dont ware one!

    1. I'm sickened with the Vermin enforcing their fictions and mind=games, for lawless profits.

  2. The Mask Mandatory is so funny like this Filipinos' tech guy:

    Any one who has good logic should understand, the vermin mislead people to fall at the cliff.

  3. My ENT doctor told me years ago that I had deviated septum, but he refused to give me a written doctor's note which stated that I did not need to wear a mask saying something about everyone needing to wear one if I recall right.

    I worked outside alone yesterday to avoid wearing a mask, but I seem to need to dress more like a desert dweller to avoid getting too much sun. Still feeling baked on the back of neck & upper back.

    Yesterday they had a line of folks to get their CoViD tests where I work. Plane Manager spoke with me of importance of wearing a mask to which I did not give assent, although I acknowledged that it was commanded. He called my claim that he was being scammed irrelevant or something to that effect.

    Glad having that YouTube thing here makes it recordable. I dislike YouTube's blocking having its videos documented.

    She is a lawyer. Why is it not legal advice?

  4. It's easy to say this when you've never lost a loved one from the virus.
    Wear a fucking mask and save lives.
    Mask have no I'll effect!!!!


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