Wednesday, December 11, 2019

New Book - A Visit at Grandma's House by Anna Von Reitz

By Anna Von Reitz

Free Download in PDF format

New Mini-Book in PDF - A Visit at Grandma's House

I just finished a new mini-book just in time for holiday sharing.  People can print it off at home.  It's only 22 pages single-sided, 11 double-sided, large print. 

It presents all the most basic and urgent need-to-know information about the overall history and situation in the form of an imaginary visit to Grandma's House and a sit down conversation with me talking to a young person -- a grandson or granddaughter, and explaining it like I do with my own mid-teen to adult grandchildren. 

This might be just the ticket for various audiences and needs --- like if you need to explain things to your own children or grandchildren. 

The information is still dense to pack into 22 pages, but it covers the basics and it is somehow easier to swallow in this format. 

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