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Crazy Crap

By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine this. A man wanted for murder in Alaska is caught in Canada and returned to Alaska, but because there is no extradition treaty between the Municipality of Anchorage and Canada, the alleged murderer is set free.

What? You say? An extradition treaty between a foreign country (Canada) and a city government in America? That’s crazy...

Yes, it is. 

The Pope acting in Gross Breach of Trust has established roughly 185,000 “independent, international city-states” in this country, all chartered by the Holy See, each one pretending to act and be and have the rights of a separate country. 

But wait, you say—how can that be?  The only municipal government ever allowed in this country is the Municipal United States Government and it is limited to the ten miles square set aside for it.

That’s right.  That’s all there was ever supposed to be and that is what it’s limits are: ten miles square. 

But the Popes and the Roman Curia have usurped far, far beyond that, and have allowed these Municipal corporations to form by the thousands and multiply like cancer cells all over the world, where they function to disrupt national governments and foster various kinds of crime, using their “independent, international city-state” status as a means to claim immunity from Public Law. 

All of these Municipal city-states, except for Washington, DC, have been illegally founded and allowed to prosper in violation of our treaties and our Municipal Constitution.

Many of them have been used to promote crime and to prey upon the people living in these cities which have been unlawfully converted into Municipalities.  

Detroit is a good example —what was once a booming, prosperous town has been destroyed by the Municipal System, which has turned it into a lawless, senseless, desperate shadow of its former self.  

The so-called Sanctuary Cities are another example of Municipality status being used to flagrantly evade the Law of the Land. 

All of these municipal  organizations that have formed are here illegally and most of them are functioning illegally, too. 

Time to pull the plug, folks, by demanding the orderly liquidation and permanent disbanding of all municipal corporations that have formed and operated in the above described manner.  

And yes, we already have a treaty controlling this issue. It’s called The Constitution of the United States.


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