Saturday, October 26, 2019

Talk v. Walk

By Anna Von Reitz

What we have in fact accomplished far exceeds what we have told anyone.   So while paid shills have been out labeling us as Zionist-Jew-Hating-Jew-Loving-No-Actually-Nazi-Uh-No-Communist-Bolshevik-Catholic-Uh-No-Lutheran.... Whatever.... we have been plodding along getting work done. 

That's always the way with what walks versus what talks, talks, talks. 

It's important to note just how true it is that THEY accuse others of what THEY are doing themselves. Just look at the media circus in Washington, DC.  

The Democrats are trying to impeach Donald Trump based on the totally false narrative --already proven to be false narrative-- of "Russian Collusion" when in fact this is exactly what Democrat leaders Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have done.

Hillary colluded to sell the Russians our Uranium.  She should be arrested, tried for treason, and executed. 

Joe Biden peddled influence and extorted billions of a dollars from foreign governments to enrich his family--and bragged about it.

They are crooks and they both colluded with Russian and in Biden's case, Chinese communist, governments to enrich themselves. 

They are trying, once again, to accuse Trump of what they have done themselves.  And this is their established mode of operating. It is what they always do. 

So when they say I am a fake, count me as genuine. When they say I am ineffectual, know that I and my team are kicking rump. When they say I am a "Communist" know that I am the opposite.  When they say I am "in bed with the Pope"--- read what I actually wrote. 

Most of these people follow the Propagandist Playbook, too.  Everyone should watch the movie "Masters of Deceit" to get the hang of what they do and how they do it. 

Some of their favorite techniques? 

Labeling - basically name calling.

High-jacking the Narrative - focusing on some minor element and either blowing it wildly out of proportion or taking to out of context to misdirect the discussion. 

Playing on previous indoctrination-- used by those seeking to maintain the status quo-- makes use of false information that people have received in the past to promote false conclusions or cause confusion in the present.

These scum artists long ago discovered that all they have to do to achieve their ends is to cast doubt on their targets--- be it a person or a product. 

As long as they can induce fear or doubt, they win.  They keep you from trying new things or having new thoughts.  They lock you in to the same old helpless don't know-which-way-to-go routine and so, they keep our whole country in paralysis. 

Let's ask some basic questions, folks--

1. Are you an American or a US Citizen? 

2. How free do you feel on April 15th? 

3.  How do you feel about getting stopped by highway patrolmen or other police? 

4.  Do you trust what you hear and see coming out of Washington, DC? 

5.  Do you get the feeling that there is a giant unseen struggle going on? 


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