Our BEMER is here. It is a tremendous help. No it's not a car.

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

We received our BEMER on Monday the 9th of September and have been using it and learning all that it does for almost two weeks now with tremendous benefits.

My wife uses it on her sore muscles from her hip replacement and it helps her a lot.

I am using it to help circulation in my injured right arm and shoulder and it has helped with that healing process very well.

There are many more benefits besides helping with Injuries.

We use it twice per day, morning and evening about 12 hours apart, for about 20 minutes each time.

We have not slept on it yet, but will try that in a few weeks.

If you don't know what a BEMER is try these links to learn about the tremendous benefits of owning one.  https://life.bemergroup.com/science/  and  https://life.bemergroup.com/

For the science behind this Class 1 medical device follow these links.

https://life.bemergroup.com/pemf    and   https://life.bemergroup.com/science

To get your own unit shop here:   https://shop.bemergroup.com/?partner=paul-stramer

To become a BEMER Distributor and get your own:


Paul and Gladys Stramer
SLC Distributing
Eureka Montana
pstramer@gmail.com or   paul.stramer@bemermail.com
406 889 3183  Office phone
406 253 4257  Cell voice and text