Saturday, August 24, 2019

To the Burmese Shaolin Brotherhood

By Anna Von Reitz

We have discovered the murderers of your brother, WW; they are Chinese, but have no nation. They have announced their intention to kill me by the same means. 

They are deluded by the British and drunk with greed for every passing thing. 

Most especially, they are profiting from the drug trade in opium which they got involved in more than a century ago as a result of the same evil and corrupt British influence in their country. 

Somehow they imagine that I am involved in stopping their free access to US Navy ships and ships belonging to US Navy subcontractors that normally carry their drug products for them and disgorge them all around the Pacific Rim. I am being blamed for the crackdown, even though this is not true, and merely another example of British guile mixed with cowardice. 

The British-controlled US Navy is under surveillance and suspicion because of its role in numerous major crimes including theft of American gold reserves, the assassination of President Kennedy, the attempted theft of $23 trillion dollars-worth of credit owed to the American People, and a great many False Flag events that have been used as an excuse to start wars.

That's why their drug transport system has slowed down, and it has nothing to do with me or with The United States of America.  The Brits are simply getting sobered up and doing what they do best--blaming the victims of their crimes.

Anyway, I shall leave them to you to deal with, in memory of your brother whose remains are with you and buried in your most holy shrine.  

I also call upon the Fire Dragons of the Seven Orders to put a stop to all the senseless killings being promoted by this handful of evil men. 

How long shall the people of all the Earth be deluded and impoverished and bullied by a handful of despicable con artists? 

Surely, we all know that this "way of life" has to end, and from the wealth of the spirit, a new way must be found. 


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