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Thursday, September 5, 2019

What is a Bemer? No it's not a car. It's new tech and you are going to love it.

The science of  Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation therapy, is relatively new in the United States compared to it's use in Europe, especially in Germany where it was invented.

This will get your attention.  I just found out about this 10 days ago.

I was given the use of this technology by a long time neighbor and friend right here in Eureka Montana, and the results for me have been wonderful.

On June 1st this year I injured my right shoulder and arm in a fall. It's been a real challenge to continue my work, and plenty of pain involved.  I am 71 now so I don't heal as fast as I used to. Even running the mouse on my computer has been painful but getting better over the last 3 months.  In the ten days I have been using the BEMER the pain is much less, and almost gone. I fully expect it to help completely get rid of the little pain I have left shortly.

But let me give you the science behind this, and you can decide for yourself.

Look at the science at the company site here:  and here:

Be sure to watch all the videos on this website.

Look at the various equipment here: 

If you are wanting to buy one just call me at 406 889 3183 or email at

or you can visit the online store here:

This technology can make a big difference in your health like it is in ours. Pay special attention to the science and watch all the videos to really get what this is.

Paul Stramer
SLC Distributing

Office 406 889 3183  Cell  406 253 4257 voice or text. or


  1. Are there any limitations to using this technology; for example any pre-existing health conditions such as heart conditions or prior implants that would negate one from using ''beamers'?

    As for many ordinary pains, MSM is a miracle nutrient - its the alternative to 'aspirin and pain killers'. And along with vit. D3 works wonders for aches and pains of all kinds.

    1. I don't know of any, but if you have such conditions perhaps like a pacemaker or something you should check with your doctor before using it, or perhaps use it with a doctor's supervision.

      I have two screws in my right ankle and my wife has a titanium hip joint and it doesn't bother either of us.

    2. According to the user information, certain diseases should only be treated by a doctor who is familiar with BEMER. Why is this?
      This notification is used primarily to protect the user and has no direct connection with the efficacy of BEMER.

      The following diseases fall into this category:

      Unexplained fever:
      A fever is actually not a disease but rather a defensive reaction. The cause of a fever must generally be identified by a doctor, because a fever is the body’s usual response to infections. The doctor will then decide if and how BEMER will be used.

      Severe cardiac arrhythmias:
      Severe cardiac arrhythmias can be life-threatening. First, the cause of the cardiac arrhythmias must be identified by a doctor. If the cause is a deficiency of certain minerals, these should be introduced prior to the application of BEMER, as otherwise the symptoms could worsen with the application of BEMER. Essentially, BEMER has a stabilizing effect on the cardiac rhythm. However, fear of the electromagnetic field can present a barrier to therapy, and may have undesired effects. Therefore, we recommend that the initial applications of BEMER be performed under a doctor’s supervision in the case of sever cardiac arrhythmias.

      Major Aneurysms:
      An aneurysm refers to a protrusion of a blood vessel as a result of vessel wall damage or disease. Badly damaged blood vessels can burst at any time and cause fatal internal bleeding. Since blood pressure can decrease under the influence of BEMER (if used correctly), this can alleviate the strain on the vessel wall. In the best case scenario, the probability that a blood vessel will burst can be minimized. BEMER has a stabilizing effect on the vessel wall in the long term. In particular, fear of the electromagnetic field can present a barrier to therapy and blood pressure may even rise temporarily. Therefore, for the safety of the patient, we recommend that the initial applications be performed under a doctor’s supervision who can reassure the patient and eliminate his or her fear.

      Non-pharmaceutically-compensated seizure disorders:
      If these seizures (especially epilepsy and schizophrenia) cannot be compensated by medications, we recommend that BEMER applications be performed under a doctor’s supervision for the safety of the patient.

  2. Sounds like what Dr, Jerry Tennent has developed some years back. Here is a link

  3. with the exception of Lisa Henke & Dr. Barbara Bourland who look on bordeline, these people all look in deep need of salvation, seriously.

    you get to choose

    no pun intended

    Sea of Glass

  4. One outlet in Ontario, Canada and $5690. As a retiree on a small pension, this is out of reach. I will have to search for perhaps someone more local for feasible sessions. I heard of this type of technology a few years back but it was only available in the EU. Glad to see it has expanded. Would liked to have had this kind of system when I completed my Reflexology courses.

  5. Don't give up finding one Dan. The benefits are worth the effort.

    We are just 4 miles south of the Roosville border crossing below Cranbrook. Does that help you? I don't know what part of Canada you are in.

  6. The company does have a financing plan, but I have not looked at it yet.

  7. Dan, Canada just opened up for sales this summer so there will be more outlets coming in the future.

    Looks like there are meetings coming up for training in both Vancouver and Montreal. There is one in Montreal and is a business presentation on 9-12-2019 free of charge IKEA Montréal
    9191 Cavendish Blvd
    Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1M8
    View on Google Maps

    Learn why medical professionals, physicians, practitioners, as well as athletes and a growing number of BEMER enthusiasts in over 42 countries are successfully using our clinically proven and FDA registered medical devices to improve their quality of life. Don't miss this opportunity to see how BEMER can impact the health of you, your family, and your pets in an innovative and non-invasive manner. Hear from successful Distributors who have experienced life changing results with the product and significant financial success with the business.

    This event is FREE! We welcome all our Distributors and their excited guests. Dress attire is business casual.

    Come early! You'll have an opportunity to experience BEMER for yourself.

    Please Note
    Note: This Event Starts Early! Registration at 6pm. BEMER demo sessions starting at 6:15pm available prior to the 7m presentation. Arrive early for best seating! Accommodations: Marriott Courtyard Montreal Airport - Reservations 514-336-7069 Ask for the BEMER rate CAD $190 for 2 nights or 1 night CAD $256 . Discount based on availability. Free Parking. Free shuttle from Airport.


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