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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Our BEMER is here. It is a tremendous help. No it's not a car.

Who is Paul Stramer
From Paul Stramer

We received our BEMER on Monday the 9th of September and have been using it and learning all that it does for almost two weeks now with tremendous benefits.

My wife uses it on her sore muscles from her hip replacement and it helps her a lot.

I am using it to help circulation in my injured right arm and shoulder and it has helped with that healing process very well.

There are many more benefits besides helping with Injuries.

We use it twice per day, morning and evening about 12 hours apart, for about 20 minutes each time.

We have not slept on it yet, but will try that in a few weeks.

If you don't know what a BEMER is try these links to learn about the tremendous benefits of owning one.  and

For the science behind this Class 1 medical device follow these links.    and

To get your own unit shop here:

To become a BEMER Distributor and get your own:

Paul and Gladys Stramer
SLC Distributing
Eureka Montana or
406 889 3183  Office phone
406 253 4257  Cell voice and text


  1. As I once previously stated, I have about 5 fractured compressed discs for which I have therapy when I reach the place that I cannot stand upright. But I doctor myself by beginning the day with 2 MSM capsules along with 1 Vit. D3, 5000 i.u. mini gel. And this has worked wonders, and is good for many kinds of pain. Later in the day as Ive been upright for awhile,I then add another MSM. Ive checked to make sure 3 per day is quite alright to take. And now I am in the process of getting some Bromelain to add to this.
    Bromelain is a pineapple enzyme and is highly recommended for things such as severe arthritis. You can research this for yourself, as with anything else mentioned by me or others. Many years ago my sister had a labrador retriever and she would run him in the fields daily for a dog walk. But then he had very painful paws; diagnosed as severe arthritis. I recommended the Brom to her for her dog, she gave it to him, and he recovered.

    So perhaps even in addition to Bemer (lol) these things can be added. Or for those like me, who are medically excluded from using things such as Bemer, the nutritional additives are extremely helpful.

    MSM takes about an hour to kick in. Vit D3 takes effect very quickly, and I have not yet added the Brom, so I cant give a result for that one yet.
    Methuselah is just about the only person I have heard of that is older than me, Lol, but even so, I do not take any prescription medications, and I highly suggest people stay away from all those pain meds; you can find equal if not better remedies in the natural nutrition arena and they really do work.
    Now even so, when you set up a proper plan for your ailments, it can begin to get expensive, or some of them can be hard to find. So we have used for eons now, and they are wonderful with their service and their prices. Plus if you call them, you get a real live person on the phone there.
    Note: I have no business affiliation with vitacost, and get no benefit from people who makes purchases from them. So go take care of your own pains, and then come give us all some good news. Health issues is one of our favorite topics around here, so get with it.......

  2. Abby--Good information. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes for no need of any more therapy!

  3. I forgot to say congratulations to you and your wife, Paul, but I am glad for you both!