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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Apples and Oranges

By Anna Von Reitz

The job before us is to gather together a crate of apples. 

US Citizens equals oranges.  Americans equals apples. 

It seems simple enough, doesn't it?  

Today I got an angry message from Tim in Pennsylvania asking what I know about Beacon 37 and the Republic and what they are trying to do?  

I know that Beacon 37 and the Republic and yes, the National Assembly, are all welcoming US Citizens as members, and that means that no, they can't assemble an actual American State --- which is what needs to be done. 

Back in 2011, I got involved  in RuSA--- the "Republic"--- under Tim Turner's leadership.  

When I realized they were off track, I went public and told Tim that he was crossing jurisdictions and that we couldn't do that.  

He stomped all over me and would not listen to a word I said; six months later he was in jail serving an 18 year sentence. 

Then, in 2015, I met Bruce Doucette.  

His heart was in the right place and we became good friends, but within months, he had gotten sidetracked, too, and was doing the same thing as Tim Turner ---- crossing jurisdictions.  

Again, I warned him.  Like Tim Turner, he wouldn't listen.  Three months later he was arrested and now he's in jail serving a 38 year sentence. 

This should be enough to prove that I know what I am talking about, but there are still those "experts" out there who won't draw the line between apples and oranges.  

Here's what I told Tim in Pennsylvania verbatim: 

"I know that Beacon 37 and the Republic and RuSA and yes, National Assembly, too--- all welcome and include US Citizens. 

And so far as what I am advocating, that is all I need to know. 

These organizations are not able to assemble the actual States, nor are they able to reconstruct the Federal States of States that Americans are owed. 

As a result, they are just competing against the actual effort that needs to be made, drawing off resources, and confusing the issues. 

You "can't get there from here" is their problem and always has been and more importantly--always will be. 

I am not kidding either when I point out that the Territorial Government is under obligation to arrest any United States Citizens engaged in "assembling" or claiming to assemble.  

This is the same kind of error that put Bruce Doucette in jail for 38 years and it is not happening to me or anyone who follows what I am doing. 

So make up your mind and do one or the other-- assemble the actual State and act as one of the People , or get out of the way and stop trying to confuse yourself and your other agenda with me or anything I am doing."

This is the way it is, and the way it has to be.  

Otherwise, I would be open to the same kind of attack as what happened to Turner and Doucette --- and more importantly, so would the innocent people who are taking action to build actual State Assemblies. 

I owe it to myself and my own good sense and to the people who are depending in Good Faith on the knowledge I share with them, not to make this mistake and not to be associated with anyone who does make this mistake. 

I am an apple assembling with other apples.  I am staying in my lane and giving nobody cause to claim otherwise.  

When and if I see any commingling of my message with these other organizations, I take exception to it and draw the line--- both privately and in public.  

Last night I gave Jocelyn at the same message I gave Tim Turner and Bruce Doucette.  

She has been advertising the Republic as a resource in the same breath as she has been presenting my paperwork --- but the Republic as an organization hasn't ever made correction and is still crossing jurisdictions. 

I turned my back on Tim Turner and RuSA though I didn't want to.  I turned my back on Bruce Doucette and wept bitterly-- for him and for all of us.  

But an orange is an orange and an apple is an apple, and neither I nor the people struggling to assemble the actual States of the Union can afford these kinds of mistakes.  

It's nobody's "fault".  It doesn't imply any moral judgement. It's just a terrible and costly mistake that a great many people make.  The way is broad that leads to destruction, but the way to Life is narrow and hard. 

The fact remains that if your task is to gather a crate of apples, you have to know what apples are-----and you have to recognize the difference between apples and oranges. 


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  1. Thank you Anna. I was waiting for your response as I thought it odd, but gave benefit of the doubt. It seemed to me that it was almost competitive in nature to the American National/State Citizen you have been warning about. I hope Jocelyn has removed the reference or it could jeopridise the work you are doing.

    1. i wish anna and others would not say "american" without qualifying it. sad as this is, the federales, e.g. talking heads on tv in their "Federal citizens only" fake elections, the "presidents", john kerry, Rs and Ds and Gs and Is alike, love to say things like "the american people" "american citizens" in the same breath they speak of their "democracy" "one nation" their fake law merchant usury, stock market, etc.

      normally this distinction may not be necessary, but "state citizen" or national is much better than "american citizen" .....the "feds" deliberately use that to deceive people IMO...nowhere is it defined/does it exists, as in their "federal" things it is always "us citizens only, resident in state for X days/months/etc." or some variant thereof. IRS of course is permanent/non-perm resident, alien or non-alien...nothing about "americans" or "american people"

      "We the people" are state citiezens and/or nationals. anyone else saying "american people" is woefully uninformed, or, like i suspect, deliberately trying to usurp and mislead people.

      sad as it is, "american" "american citizen" "american people" is not defined anywhere, and what it it supposed to mean, is being 1984 newspeaked. i suspect this is their attempt to make their "one nation" sound less dragoonish, to try to brainwash people that anyone consented to any of this.

    2. "american citizen" "american people" i consider non-existent undefined phrases (not used in state constitutions, even the fake ones, or the fake voter registration forms), to confuse the issues, put people to sleep that everything is normal. if the "feds" and law merchants and roman civil law incorporations and "us military" etc. are using a term, odds are they are trying to deceive.

      people may say "i (think i) know the difference between usa and us, i know "America" versus DC" ... but why not just say state citizen or national?

      yes, the "Feds" usurped the term "us citizen" (see paul andrew mitchell re: correct 14th, it previously meant state citizen)...the "problem" is on their end"....but using "american citizen" "american people" is counterproductive, just lulls people to sleep.

  2. This is Kevin, I cant speak for Jocelyne , however I know her well enough to know she will heed Annas advise as I do.

  3. What You're Not Supposed to Know About America's Founding:

  4. as soon as the word 'person' is mentioned with the intention of describing 'people' i know they know stuff all about jurisdiction or they are 'deliberately deceiving' anyone watching what they are saying. As in the link above.


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