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Monday, March 18, 2019

Status correction announcements - special Sunday night call.

This is a clarification about the Sunday evening call being held by Kevin Cote' L.S.

This call has some specific purposes as opposed to Anna's call which covers every topic on her website on Monday nights.

Here is how Kevin explains it.

The Sunday evening status correction call is specific to Step 1 Documents. It is for helping people to start the process using templates that Jocelyne Columbe has developed from Anna's work.  (Anna's article #928 at )

I was contacted early on before I knew of Jocelyne's website or work. She is a credit and a huge help to us and Anna's and the Living Law Firm's work. 

Jocelyne from has been gracious and supportive of my status correction call and is a weekly guest .

I was involved with the Continental Marshals early on and had contact with Anna about some issues we were having . Articles 519 and 520 at, were written to me about emails that I sent to Anna in regards to some of these issues. Because of the problems of Bruce Doucette and the Colorado 9 we disbanded. 

It has taken me 2 years of continued reading and research to finally get started on the challenge Anna posed to me . That is why I have on my own decided to not only do my status correction but help others with theirs because I believe in Anna's work and knew in my heart it is the way.

You all have been a great support system for those of us who believe in this work and process, and want to be part of the reconstruction. 

Status Correction call
Sunday evenings 8pm eastern standad time
Step 1 documents

605 313 4198
Pin 443602#

Kevin Thomas Cote' L.S.
845 987 0084


  1. Too much information and too many covering same thing makes me dizzy.. Might I suggest we keep the main thing the main thing or else we will end up like one flew over the coco nest.

    1. Prada:
      Many hands make light the work and as long it is intended to reach the same goal, the more the merrier. Everyone learns from different perspectives and at different levels of comprehension.

      Choose a source and go forth.

  2. Sweden going cashless
    I'm telling you if we do not have other means to conduct commerce or conduct our daily lives this is coming here and no Donald Trump is not going to stop it he is part of it
    This video from the other day about Philadelphia banning cashless stores
    Look at whats on the back of that one dollar bill
    And every last country on this earth is part of this deception on it's people
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. One swede will kill cash forever:

      always thought this was most interesting, This swede is from the group ABBA.

    2. a follower: any updates since this almost 3 yr old story? It would be interesting to know if cash is still functioning at the rate it was in 2016.

      I agree with a cashless society. But not a replacement for cash system. Perhaps then and only then would people realize that they are themselves the value and not some exchangeable token even if that is digits in a computer. Those who would choose a simpler life rather than work for a company creating useless unnecessary junk would be in a better position helping humanity and communities to mature.

      It is a mindset no doubt.

    3. "cash" was "paper redeemable for specie". "cash":
      (a) Ready money; especially, coin or specie; but also applied to bank notes, drafts, bonds, *****or any paper
      easily convertible into money.*****
      "money" being "specie"

      thomas jefferson quote in "the creature from jekyll island" book also makes this clear, he was ok with discounting [charging interest] on "cash" loans [paper redeemable for specie]
      also, the phrase "cold hard cash". "specie" == the real/actual thing, cold hard metal. same as the scientific definition "species"

      see "paper mone" "specie" bouviers 1856:

      *****the engagements to pay money [specie]****
      unless FRNs or "cash" is redeemable for gold or silver, it is not "cash" and the world is 99% already "cashless"

      "paper credit" "credit in paper form" is what FRNs are. stolen from everyone else's credit and "pledges".

      "paper" != "cash". depends on whether it is redeemable for money [specie] or not. "paper" is not "cold hard cash" [metal]. specie is.

      why care about actual definitions? because without definitions of words, it is all just maningless "morally relative" gibberish. too many variables, shifting goal posts, a castle/theories/theorums/postulates built on shifting sands.

      "define your terms first, then we can discuss money" -- ezra pound.

      the attempted redefinition/hijacking of "cash" to mean "paper" is just more of "the brainwashing" [ezra pound]

    4. don't let the law merchant propaganda brainwash everyone yet again when they insinuate that a "cashless society" is some future event, instead of the current situation.

    5. when you call paper issued/borrowed against stolen credit "cash" then it just makes it that much easier for the parasites to steal everyone's credit and never credit anyone for this theft.

      parasite: "oh no, we didn't steal anyone's credit or hypothecate against them and their estates, this here paper/bond is cash"

      by redefining the word "cash" to mean "irredeemable piece of paper" you are playing right into their hands people

    6. patriot58:
      "barter" of physical items is different.

      "Barter" is what we have already now in the current "cashless [specieless] society]".

      "Barter" of law merchant "notes", "Barter" of security notes signed when people take out "mortages" and "loans" etc, barter of gold and silver coins [since the legal tender face value is meaningless at present, if worthless paper is also legal tender, and ratios of gold:silver are not maintained, which they are not; $5 gold eagle == $143 FRNs, 5x $1 silver dollars == $100 FRNs; "eagle" is supposed to be $10, ~1/2 ounce of gold, the new "eagles" are ~1/10 ounce, yet 1/2 the face value of actual "eagles"]

      "bartering" of people and their signatures and BCs and what is supposed to be the public's specie but is instead just bullion-like "coin" at parasitic prices with ~1/5 of proper precious metal content is what happens right now.

      bartering of voter's "pledges" to pay law merchant private international "taxes"

      the parasites are already "bartering" everyone and your grandchildren.

    7. as of today, the below $43 FRN difference is not supposed to happen, the feds are failing to "regulate the value of foreign coins" [and make them legal tender based on assuaging their standardized silver/gold/precious metal content)

      this is in the federal constitution, it doesn't matter if silver or gold is "native" and the other is "foreign" they are not "regulating" properly

      technically silver is the "native" since it was first, and if they want to be "bimetallic" "gold dollar" is supposed to be "regulated to match" the native silver dollar

      even when they "coin" things now, they still manage to parasitically screw it up on "accident"
      $5 gold eagle == $143 FRNs, 5x $1 silver dollars == $100 FRNs -------

      this $43 FRN difference between price of gold and silver bullion is not supposed to happen!!!

      face values and/or gold/silver content of coins are supposed to be adjusted to maintain ratio of prices of gold and silver versus face value.

      it makes no sense to have "bimetallic" separate gold and silver coins if either of them is "overvalued" -- this $43 FRN difference is prohibited by the federal constitution.

  3. This is EXACTLY what I believe we need!!! I have been looking at all this for several years and to be perfectly honest I never completed the paper work because 500 people have 500-1000 ways to ATTEMPT this obviously important correction. Then I would hear/read this doesn’t work, or some states require that, and on, and on. I had ask the only person I know who has this done and he hoarded his work like a kid with a bag of M&M’s!
    ITS HARD ENOUGH TO GET PEOPLE TO LOOK AT THIS, let alone start notarizing temples and running round w pants down.
    I think it’s great!

  4. I love the fact, that people who take Anna's info and go do their own research arrive at the exact same conclusions. I am one of those people! Anna has been instrumental in my coming to the knowledge of the truth.

  5. Am I understanding this correctly....that this is a phone call? Joani

  6. Will these broadcasts be recorded so we can view and review them at a later date?