Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Social Security" Fears

By Anna Von Reitz

Millions of Americans were forced into Social Security adhesion contracts by undeclared Foreign Agents acting under color of law. You were told that you had to have a Social Security Number in order to have a job, and that turns out to be a Big, Fat, Self-Interested Lie.
Social Security is a federal employee pension program, and if you are Joe Average American, you never even qualified to enroll.

The further fact is that those corporations and responsible for this Big, Fat, Self-Interested Lie are criminally and commercially liable for this circumstance and being brought to task for it.
Does this have any impact on the goods and services that are owed to the elderly Americans who have been defrauded?

News Flash: Law Derives From Religion

By Anna Von Reitz

You cannot rightly address any form or topic of "law" without realizing where that law comes from and addressing its source ---the religion giving rise to it.  

All Law, except Natural Law (water flows downhill) comes from religion. 

Satanism is the religion that gives rise to the Law of Commerce.  

The Law of Commerce also known as Law Merchant, Maritime Law, and in more recent days in other "special" venues, as Roman Civil Law and as British Equity Law ---are all different names for the same thing.  And they all derive from the practice and beliefs of Satanism. 

So now you know why apprentice lawyers in Scotland are called "devils" and you know why the Office of the Roman Pontiff  (vacant since 2011) required the Pope to sit on a throne surmounted by a giant snake. 

Now the snakes are attempting to destroy the Church.