Monday, July 9, 2018

Status Report -- Grandma's New Shoes

By Anna Von Reitz

What have I been doing?  Working. Hard. 

What's the status?  We and our allies are in every national and world court and we are pinning down a dozen "administrative agencies" besides.  We have come from all sides and from many nations to expose the global crimes.  

At home, we are commissioning our Marshals Service, setting up our international trade banks and state credit unions and other services.

Others among us are busily setting up the County and State Jural Assemblies.

And always, day by day, we are chiseling away at the injustices on every side: the private collection agencies masquerading as courts, the misrepresentation of marriages as business Joint Ventures (with the State of State owning the controlling interest), the endless demands to license rights, the illegal and immoral foreclosures, and so much more.

Everyone is working with a sense of urgency and mission, and going as fast as we can with the resources we've got.

When I view the immensity of the task, even I don't know how we are doing it ---- but we are. 

Have I been attacked?